[Nov 10, 2012] Saturday Fight Night Casuals (San Bernardino,Ca)


[LEFT]Marvel vs Capcom3,Mortal Kombat,and Super Street Fighter 4[/LEFT]
[LEFT]On the PS3 and Xbox360 feel free to bring your own controller[/LEFT]


I would like to come through_but what’s the minimum skill level attending_?


does this still go down?


How many people are already attending?


I take it since there was no reply to the guy who posted a month ago then its not going on?


What a bummer wanted to do some casuals, well I’ll just do it at my house Moreno Valley CA, hit me up if you want to go (909) 562-6915, everyone is welcome, same games and systems as this guys post I’ll post an official one now, even though it’s already late :stuck_out_tongue:


Whats up man We’ve been having some casuals recently in Riverside. Check it out.