Nov. 16, 2002 H.P. MvC2 Results


1st - Manuel Jr. Bermudez Aero : Storm/IronMan/Cable, Sentinel/Cable/CaptainCommando, Magneto/Cable/Sentinel

2nd - Jaime Orozco JLaruzo : Magneto/Storm/Psylocke, Sentinel/Cable/CaptainCommando, Storm/Cable/CaptainCommando

3rd - Cesar Herrera Cheeser : Cable/Storm/Doom, Storm/Magneto/Cable

4th - Martin Garcia M.A.G. : Magneto/Cable/Sentinel

5th - Jose Garcia : Magneto/Storm/Psylocke
5th - Martin Vong XxElectricxGodsxX : Magneto/Cable/Cyclops

7th - Jason B. Shortterm
7th - Joey H.

9th - Tony G Guile-Virus-
9th - Armando Batres ZERG
9th - Daniel Lopez Mr.Dexter

Apex results here

Tournament Report: Jaime eliminated Cesar Herrera in Loser’s Final 3-1. Jaime wins the first set of Final 4-2, and then Junior wins the final set 4-2.

Junior wins another H.P. Tourney! Congrats!

Again, I would like to thank everyone that showed up and supported H.P. Arcade. Next H.P. Tourney is going to be on Nov. 30