[Nov 19 - Dec 10, 2011] TosfHQ Presents: Battle of Kings! Winter Warfare - GTA Mini League Series

TosfHQ Presents: Battle of Kings! Winter Warfare
Brought to you by: TosfHQ, YRSF, Bison’s Autoshop, A&C, Heroes World and Toronto Top Tiers

The Fighting Game Community in the greater Toronto area and beyond continues to grow, develop, and inspire new players to begin competing.” - Hideyuki

What better way to strengthen our bonds with all-out war?
With the help of many key individuals from all over the GTA, TosfHQ has put together a min-series of tournaments that will act as regional qualifiers for the main event. Each tourney will be held in different locations around the GTA. The ones that stand above all in each tournament will be invited to TosfHQ to compete in the final battle for pride and prizes.

Location & Date:
A&C World – Downtown Toronto – Nov 19th
706 Spadina Ave. Toronto, On
Results: http://tinyurl.com/AnC-Results

University of Waterloo – Waterloo – Nov 26th
Student Life Center (SLC) Great Hall
** University of Waterloo**
** 200 University Avenue West N2L 3G1**
** Waterloo, ON**

Heroes World – Markham Region – Dec 3rd
8601 Warden Avenue Unit 13 (North-East Corner of Hwy 7 and Warden)
** Markham, Ontario**
** L3R 0B5**

TosfHQ – Scarborough – Dec 10th
375 Middlefield rd. Scarborough Ontario


A&C World:
12:00pm - 1:30pm - Registration for all tournaments.
2:00pm - 6:00pm - UMvC Teams
3:00pm - 7:00pm - SSFIV AE Teams

Univeristy of Waterloo:
12:00pm - 1:30pm - Registration for all tournaments. Strict deadline, if you are not registered by 1:30pm, you are not in.
2:00pm - 4:00pm - SSFIV AE Singles
4:00pm - 6:00pm - UMvC Teams
6:00pm - 8:00pm - SSFIV AE Teams

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (360)
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (360)

Team 2v2 single match, double elimination
A-CHO style (player A vs player A; player B vs player B)
Teams must register characters/team before hand - You cannot switch characters/teams after your initial selection.
Team Order is NOT locked. This move is to promote additional strategy. If there is any dispute, Blind pick will be enforced.
***Please note, The waterloo regional will be hosting side AE singles

You are free to join any regional tournament
If your team places top 2 in either SSFIV:AE or UMVC3, You cannot enter any other regional as you have qualified
Top 2 teams from each tournament will be invited to battle it out in the finals at TosfHQ
The Finals will have a Round Robin Format (A-cho style still in effect)
Top 2 teams in both games will receive prizes

Each location has a $10 venue fee (A&C World has a $5 spectator fee in effect).
Each game has a $10 per player fee, $20 per team
Finals at TosfHQ has a $5 venue fee (members can use their package sessions)
There are no player fees for the final tournaments at HQ.

First Place: 70% of the pot
Second Place: 20% of the pot
Third Place: 10% of the pot
Prizes for the top placers at the Finals will be revealed shortly.

Steaming for all Regional Tournaments will be covered by [TTT]RXS
Since TOSFHQ does not currently have the ability to stream, RXS will be recording the final matches

Check back as this post will be updated with more info.

Team list:
Go to Post# 28 for the team list


Woah, I got a quote in the OP?!?! I support this even more now.

In all seriousness, this is going to be a tremendous series of events put on with the efforts and collaboration from the greater community as a whole. Props to HQ for taking the lead on this.

Question concerning final invitational to TosfHQ, the date is December 17th, will you guys be keeping a 360 not updated for AE? Version 2012 is quoted to be released on December 13th.

Otherwise, I’m stoked for this, great idea guys!


great idea. except for the fact that we are character locked.
im not diggin the idea that 4days after the game is released i need to pick 3 characters and stick to that. sorry but that just doesnt sound realistic for marvel especially since its a new game.

please consider removing the character lock. im sure by week 2 of the release people will be changing characters like wildfire.

your not locked for every tournament with the same team…each individual tournament will result to you be locked with specific chars

oh alright, that makes more sense lol.

not to sound like an a$$ but doesnt it make more sense to have the finale in a nicer venue? maybe the first tournament should be at HQ and the finale can be at any of the other locations.

subbing to check back later. I like this SBO style.

quiet rae lol

I never believed it, but the Darkest of Dragon donked up my name and he really means it! lol

lol ok =(

just to be clear, is the pot handed out separately in each tournament? or is the pot handed out on for the finale tournament?
also if i win the first tournament, is there anything stopping me from entering another one and winning that? what if i win all 3 then what happens?

why stop at 2v2 when we can do 3v3 =)
just saying

lol Rae you hungry!

I’m pretty sure the prize pot is paid out per tournament, and if you already qualified you can’t join the rest of the tournaments (it’s in the description) :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I understanding this correctly that this is a teams only tournament?

Darkdragon doing tournaments again. That’s awesome.
It is a team tournament.


Dirkdragon, team up with me!

who wants to team?!

Who wants to team for Marvel?

This is gonna be sweet. Looking forward to competing in UMVC :slight_smile:

Stephen: check your PM.

“I’m old and I rig raffles” - real quote from Hideyuki “Sticky Buns” Henderson.

Spread the word guys! Our website should have a section devoted exclusively to this very soon, with details. Get your teams together right now,and book dates off!