[Nov 19 - Dec 10, 2011] TosfHQ Presents: Battle of Kings! Winter Warfare - GTA Mini League Series

I think I’m going to be participating in the 2v2 for AE. I have a partner, he just needs to find out if he has work or not on Saturday

how dare you degrade such a well thought out, technical and skillful game

What are the A&C tournament times? I want to go, but I have to know in advance

Yea, I’m new around here and I’d also like to know what time is the A&C Tournament.

Updated 1st post.

Schedule For A&C:

12:00pm - 1:30pm - Registration for all tournaments.
2:00pm - 6:00pm - UMvC Teams
3:00pm - 7:00pm - SSFIV AE Teams

We will have at least 6 stations up.

Can we register the day of?


I know this is pretty late, but does anyone need a partner for the A and C tourney? I’ve ran into a problem with my current partner. PM me.

Also, in case I can’t get a partner in time, does anyone know if I’m allowed to be a team of 1, so bascially without a Player B?

Erm so… how does an "A-Cho’ format work?

Player A vs Player A
Player B vs Player B

So if both players on one team win we obviously move on. But if one player wins and the other loses, do the winners from both sides play? D:


Hey guys! sorry it’s been pretty hectic at the store lately so i haven’t had a chance to organize the tourney schedule. I’ll start a seperate post with all the details and where you can sing up by hopefully the end of the weekend.

So if you are interested in the DEC. 3 tourney PLEASE do not post registrations here as I will not be able to track multiple threads, you will have to wait until we start our own official thread.

I’ll just post a couple quick points so everybody can know what to expect:

Approx Schedule:
12:00-12:30pm registration with 12:45 start time
UMVC3 will be first, followed by AE (will try to have it all wrapped by 6pm)

-there will probably be a maximum number of team entries for each game due to limited space
-there will most likely be NO casual stations (we probably won’t have room)

Too bad this is on 360 as I’m a PS3 controller user. Not as good as I am on the arcade stick as on the controller. Might still drop by to spectate.

Dark dragon, me and azzure have decided to change our team name to Re:up

you can always use a converter

Kinda last minute but my team-mate can’t make it, is there expected to be ‘door crashers’ who will be looking to pick up a team there?

Hey Tiger Slap. I need a teammate for Marvel :D.

Battle of King’s 1st qualifier is complete:

Congrats to Rae, Jack, Nickcam and Chaos2D for being the first qualifiers.

if they enter other parts of this series and win, do the other qualifying spots go to the 3rd and 4th place teams? just curious.

They can’t join any other qualifiers

Yo Tiger Slap, are you going to the waterloo tourney tomorrow?