Nov. 2, 2002 H.P. MvC2 Results


1st - Manuel Jr. Bermudez Aero : Storm/IronMan/Cable, Storm/Cable/Sentinel

2nd - Martin Garcia M.A.G. : Sentinel/Cable/CaptainCommando, Magneto/Cable/TronBonne

3rd - Jose Garcia : Magneto/Storm/Psylocke

4th - Jaime Orozco JLaruzo : Magneto/Cable/Sentinel, Magneto/Cable/Cyclops, Magneto/Sentinel/IronMan

5th - Andrew Zaldivar Azer : Sentinel/Storm/Doom, Sentinel/Cable/Doom
5th - David Bal Dr.Spr0cter : Sentinel/Cable/CaptainCommando, Magneto/Jin/Doom

7th - Tony G Guile-Virus-
7th - Moises

9th - Joe Bal calishaolin
9th - Josh R.
9th - Armando Batres ZERG
9th - Daniel Lopez Mr.Dexter

13th - Juan Carlos Evil-JJJ

Apex results here

Tournament Report: M.A.G. eliminated Jose Garcia in Loser’s Final 3-0. M.A.G. then loses to Junior in the finals 4-1. Junior won the tournament without being sent to Loser’s Bracket. Congrats!

I would like to thank everyone that showed up and supported H.P. Arcade. I’m not exactly sure when H.P. is having another tournament. Probably in two weeks.



congra to Junior B. y a todos los crowss!!!


good shyt jr, only a matter of time before you won one :cool:


hey devilx are you playin still MVC2?

come to our tourny next time.


So, you finally got H.P. on APEX Azer, good shit (When you and Joe gonna come chill at my house again). Pretty good tourny, hopefully more people show up next time, when is the next one anyway, anybody know?


on the 16th of this month.