[Nov 2, 2012] Cybernet Street Fighter Tournament (Milwaukee, WI)

Cybernet Street Fighter Tournament January 27, 2012. Register and Win some




Hi, I have a few questions and comments about the tournament you’re going to be running. I’m not trying to troll, these are actually genuine questions and comments. I do believe that these tournaments and the tournaments at Romine’s can coexist, they just might have different types of players at them. Which is good, because then the Milwaukee fighting game community can grow and get better.

First, did you run that tournament on the January 27th? Or was it changed to February 10th?

Do you offer payout for only 1st place or do you payout 2nd or 3rd as well?

I assume you are playing Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Version 2012. Do you have any plans to run any other games (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, The King of Fighters XIII, or Soul Calibur V)?

How close are the systems to the displays? A lot of players use wired arcade sticks that have a limited reach and it would be good to know if they need to bring an USB extension cable.

Sorry if I digress a bit, but I want to give some of the reasons why some players are skeptical of your tournament. First, they aren’t sure of your payout system. Maybe more clarification on that will help clear up any confusion. Most believe that everybody pays $15 to get in, and only 1st gets $75. This isn’t too appealing compared to current standard tournament payout of 70%/20%/10% for 1st/2nd/3rd places. Maybe a mixture of the two schemes would bring more people? For example, charge a $5 venue fee, which Cybernet keeps for itself, and then have tournament entry be $10, which goes into the pot, and payout be 70%/20%/10% of the pot. This is just a suggestion, but many fighting game tournaments use this format. However, if your payout system is bringing in people, then there probably is no reason to change.

Second, most people are wondering about your hardware, specifically your TVs. I completely understand the thrill of playing on a big screen with everybody watching and it is great that you are able to provide that. However, usually with big HDTVs comes large input lag. If you are not aware, input lag is generally the amount of time between hitting button and seeing that button press on the screen (ie hitting the jab button and seeing your character perform a jab). Almost all HDTVs have input lag, usually greater than 17 ms, which is the amount of time a 60 frame per second game takes to draw a frame. For video games, fighting games particularly, this has a fairly large effect since you often have a short amount of time to react to the onscreen action, around 1 to 3 frames (17 to 51 ms). Thus, if you are trying to react to a fireball and the display is at least 1 frame behind, you are already at a disadvantage even without taking into account your own reaction speed. This is the biggest reason why the Romine’s tournaments use either CRT displays (which have no lag) or monitors that are considered “lag-free”, which have less that 9 ms of input lag. The most common of these is the “EVO monitor” (ASUS VH236H), which is “lag-free” for a reasonable price. Sorry for the long discussion about input lag, but basically people want to know what the input lag is for your HDTVs and projector. There are ways to measure it. I would look here (http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/articles/input_lag.htm) if you are interested in learning more about input lag and testing your HDTVs. Like I said above, playing on a big screen would be great, but most of the current players prefer to play on “lag-free” monitors.

All that being said, I do think Cybernet has a great opportunity to bring in new players to the fighting game community. They initially won’t care about input lag and will just like the excitement of playing Street Fighter on a big screen.

I hope I wasn’t disrespectful with this post. Like I said, I think these 2 tournaments can coexist, and benefit each other. For example, at the next Romine’s tournament, you can bring your fliers inside and hand them out to the people playing and watching the tournament, instead of putting them on everybody’s windshield. That way people who were maybe a little intimidated or caught off guard to play in the tournament at Romine’s might decide that they’ll be ready for the Cybernet tournament.

Thanks for reading.

Well put, Jake.

OK jake we are a small are a small LAN shop if that means any thing to you meaning we are olny useing 4 X-box 360s we have usb cables for the “Stick” Users and yes I know we are using 32 inch LCD HD TV Yes we know what “LAG” is and this is very simple you pay 15$ you win 75$ winner take all we do thos because we dont plan for like 500 people or even 100 people more like a simple 8 to 24 man bracket we are trying to be the** smaller weekly event** not a huge monthly event and if you are a PRO player 75$ for street fighter should be IN the BAG who cares about some LAG Yes I know we may not please everyone but we do our best here’s a short video of what we look like [http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=hFVXBdpPEOM#t=2s] also we are doing a 2nd tournament on the 18th of FEB here’s a Video About that [[media=youtube]yXW5wf8heaQ[/media]] also about the “FLYER” thing we never spoke “ill” of any one and that was done as kind of a “hey Jurk we don’t scare and we won’t be Bullyed” we love Street Fighter 4 and want to expand the seen as best we can we are not just some wild get rich quick plot we have posted our 2nd street fighter tournament here on SRK here’s the link for that [http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/dec-18-2012-cybernet-street-fighter-tournament-2-milwaukee-wi/141727] I know that’s alot of links for you to look @ but please look We love to know what the Comunity thinks and are willing to take any concerns in to mind also we are just doing Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 nothing els Again **SMALL WEEKLY EVENT **thanks Jake for your concerns hope this helps if not contact us here also we provide an awesome place ware any one **Skilled **or not can play some video games.

also I for got if you want to bring a usb cable pleese do so

**Hell Jake we might even do a side tournament for this if it is more to you likeing



Thanks for getting back to me. Like I said in my previous post, it wasn’t my intent to be disrespectful by explaining input lag. I just wanted to make sure we are on the same page. I do understand what a LAN center is and I do understand that having a limited amount of setups for a tournament can be challenging.

It’s great that you are trying to be a small weekly event. So to clarify, does this mean that Cybernet runs SSF4AE tourneys every week with the same payout format? If so, you guys should do a ranbats (ranking battles) over the course of a month or two and give a cool prize to the player who has done the best during that period.

I was under the impression that the Milwaukee community was very small since the Romine’s tourneys usually have a little less than 20 people entered for SSF4AE. It might not be the best idea to have 2 Milwaukee tournaments on the same day if both want to have those 20 or so players.

I like that picture of the cabinet you guys have. What other arcade cabinets (fighting and non-fighting games) do you have at Cybernet and what is the pricing structure to use them?

As previously posted, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be an issue if you wanted to distribute flyers at the Romine’s tourney to the people playing games inside. However, leaving flyers on peoples’ windshields was very disrespectful not just to the players at Romine’s, but also to the patrons who don’t know or care about video games. It just makes all tournaments look bad.

Again, thanks for the response. Good luck at your tournaments.


ok for acrade cabs we have one other “milticade” one witch plays things like dig-dug pac-man 1942 and the like also we need more people to enter every week to do the ranbats you ask for also we do offer prizes for 2nd and 3rd such as copys of games free pizza cupons form local resturants tee shirts free time here @ the shop just not money but yes we do offer this format every week and as far as the Romine’s thing go’s let’s just say there trying to play “factions” and we will have no part in that we did want to work with them and we did reach out to them in the start but as you can see they have no problum talking trash and trying to “Black Ball” us form even doing a fighting game event this kind of Random hate is what we are trying to avoid and we do offer our 15$ to get in and 75$ every week on saturdays Im sorry if the dates clash again we would love to give out a huge monthly prize we just need the support to do so as for the price to use our CABS its 50 cents all the way just plug in thoes quatrers and play jake if you want to help us out and be more involved with our tourments just talk to us and we can brainstorm some things just get @ us here but for the most part is like this more players better prizes stronger seen and who knows we might even change the the way people think about fighting game players in milwaukee as of now people from the outside’s views on us is that we all act like that “GUY” that runs the Romine’s events we don’t all act like that and we are nice friendly people willing to make friends and not be in a bubble

It seems that Jake’s point is being missed entirely. Not once in this incoherent, poorly punctuated rambling were any of the issues that were brought up addressed. I’ll be short and direct. “Who cares about input lag?” every single person who plays fighting games half seriously does. You bring up the point that if you are good that it shouldn’t matter, but the fact is very contrary. If you spend any amount of time practicing at something you don’t want to risk losing to a variable like input lag.

Your comment about the “milticade” [sic] cabinet is extremely patronizing. Don’t make responses like that if you want the respect of the community.

Your attempt not to be “those guys” is pointless. All of the criticisms made about the venue (overpriced, poorly run) are all valid and confirmed by your own admission. And most other complaints are aimed squarely at your mascot, Roman Klein, who is a pathetic caricature of every negative thing people think of “gamers”.
We as a community would have been much more receptive to your tournament if it weren’t presented to us as a joke, but we were treated to a commercial featuring a player no one respects, and pandered to as if we were pre-pubescent idiots watching a Saturday morning cartoon.

When you reach a point of maturity when you can understand the concept of satire, you might better understand the joke footmeetsskull was telling.


Hey, are you guys running a Ultimate Marvel tourney as well?

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