[Nov 2, 2012] Sage Mantis- Friday Fight Nights (Fredericksburg, VA)


What’s happening gamers, as you know I have been looking to revive the F-burg/NOVA and Southern VA fighting scene since I moved here. Now I’m here to provide you with an amazing chance to be apart of the revival, Sage Mantis Friday Fight Nights!! We will be sporting not only new era fighting games but also the classics, CvS2, MvC Series, KoF, MK, and MUCH, MUCH MORE. If you want the brackets and the players are interested, we will host it.
Now If you like competition and meeting new players from around the way. THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO BE!! Sage Mantis Game Haven!! The buy in will be 15 dollars, half will go to venue and the other half will go to game entry and top 3 will be paid out. I really hope we have a good turn out, as I have seen a large surge in the forums from the locals in the area. Meet new people, experience quality competition or even learn new tactics from experience and experienced players.
SIDE NOTE: We are currently working on setting up live stream for Tourney Play as well as Tourney Results.

If you would like more info feel free to go to:
** https://www.facebook.com/groups/345638395516095 – FOR UPDATES AND GENERAL DISCUSSION –
** www.sagemantis.com
** (540) 479-4093 for verification of tourney days and hours.**

Fredericksburg, VA -- Fight Thread