[Nov 22, 2011] ***Marvel vs Capcom 2 Tournament in DownTown Oakland at the MADE... (Oakland, CA)

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (MADE) now has weekly tournaments every Tuesday.


Next tuesday November 22, 2011 will be Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Dreamcast or Xbox versions will both be on site though it will probably be dreamcast unless there is a majority vote for xbox).
Entry Fee is only $5 with prize awarded for first and second place.

Tournaments Start at 7:30 with registration opening up at 6pm
The address is 610 16th St. Suite 230 Oakland, C.A. 94612
Dial #0230 to be buzzed in.

They also have a bunch of retro systems set up for free play will all types of games.
Come out and support this up and coming videogame museum in oakland and bring the competitive gaming scene back in the east bay.
This could be the new Oak Tree.
I don’t work there but I told the owner I would help promote and its a really cool place that more people need to learn about.

I’d be happy to answer any questions so ask away or you can contact the museum at http://themade.org/Contact

Heres a link to their website and their post about the tournament.

Come on people

u guys got sticks?

u guys got AE, UMVC3, or ST?

we played ultimate this week cuz somebody brought a 360
heres video of one of the matches
i got more matches that i’ll put up when i get time.
i think i gonna make a MADE fight night thread

heres another fight from last week in UMVC3
me vs manny
part 2

i dont work there but i see alot of peripherals around but its mostly for the old school systems. they may have some in the back tho

im interested for sure. i live up in hercules, ill try to be a part of your community :slight_smile: