[Nov 24, 2012] [03/24/12] St Patrick's Day MASSacre Ultimate Gaming Spot Dedham Ma (Dedham, MA)


ATTN This Tournament has been RESCHEDULED from March 17, 2012 to March 24, 2012

Date: 03/24/12

Time: 3pm Sign ups and Casuals.
Tournament Begins @ 5pm

Fee’s $5 Venue $10 Prize

Games that have been selected ATM:

Tekken 6 (This title will be run on PS3 since this is the standard of the local crew)


Street Fighter X Tekken

(These 3 will be run on Xbox 360. FYI I do have PS3 convertors that run Madcatz 360 Sticks on PS3 but ATM for cross platform play. However I’m still thinking if going that extent is needed if at all.)

*Other Titles

*King Of Fighters 13
*Soul Calibur 5
*BlazBlue CS Extend

While personally I enjoy these games, from my experience with Fight Nights, they seem to garner little to no interest with exception to King Of Fighters 13. Soul Calibur 5 I may have played TWICE with 2 different people with the other amount of time spent beating story mode for unlocks. BlazBlue, I just did Tsubaki’s challenges for GP . . .

I wouldn’t mind putting them in the line up but only if those players SPEAK UP!:

Side Note

Those of you that have been coming during the month of February know that the Plaza has been going through renovations due to the new businesses opening next door. Because of this, PARKING MAY BE AN ISSUE!

There is on street parking all around the area and I believe a FREE LOT behind the Metro PCS store. (I’m checking on that) So be advised that spaces could be limited in the venue lot.

Also on this day I have to ENFORCE NO OUTSIDE FOOD!

That is all for now, more updates to come! Gotta Fill up this board:


Ultimate Gaming Spot Dedham MA


This tournament has been rescheduled for March 24, 2012.




Damn, I wanted to go to this. Can’t make it on the 24th :frowning: Hope you have a good turnout Greg!


Just a reminder that due to the new businesses opening next door, parking could be an issue. Call the store phone beforehand for info on the free lots in the area.