[Nov 26th] Ultimate New Challengers X Gaming ETC Results


Thank you once again to everyone for coming, especially given it was thanksgiving weekend. I am starting to think I am running the highest attended tournaments in the tri-state shrugs must be because of the raffles looks at isaac

12 Participants

  1. Dieminion
  2. Freejay
  3. Blue Nine
  4. Dave (xbl bred killer)
  5. UVG| Noel Brown
  6. Beau
  7. Manny O
  8. LBChaos
  9. Essex
  10. NC|McJustin
  11. CGM|NaniwaTiger
  12. Freecardi aka I thought this was a battlefield 3 tournament

King Of Fighters 13 aka the game everyone should be playing

  1. Lazy Freddie
  2. DSP
  3. KONA
  4. TS|NerdJosh
  5. Mikey M
  6. Bacardi aka I thought this was a Heroes of Newerth Tournament
    7th. CGM|Naniwa Tiger
    7th. Essex


  1. UVG|Noel Brown
  2. 4ocious|Jjuice
  3. TS|Nerdjosh
  4. Dieminion
  5. Freejay
  6. Essex
  7. Kryonik
  8. MegaIsaacX
  9. Blue Nine
  10. Kona
  11. Realyst
  12. Mikey M
  13. NC|McJustin
  14. Beau
  15. Kenny (congrats on winning the Wii)
  16. Plot Armor
  17. Jeremy
  18. Shaq
  19. Dave
  20. DSP
  21. Bacardi aka people need to stop tricking me into entering tournaments

Thank you once again to everyone for coming and we’ll be raffling another wii at the next one :smiley:
All the vids are archived on www.twitch.tv/dontblowthis and ill be uploading them to youtube shortly

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[Nov 26, 2011] Ultimate New Challengers X Gaming ETC (Stratford, CT)
CT Thread | Weekly Thursdays 7pm Fire & Dice Games Milford CT

JJuice doin work


Freddy is the King of Fighters.


I h8 juice.

i want some grape drink.





i still hate all things.


Wait, weren’t mine and Justin’s names supposed to be switched around for UMvC3? Cuz I know I did better than 13th place lol. Anyways, I had a good time. Hopefully more these will be on Saturday so I’ll be more inclined to show up.


Derp! I forgot Illswap that around