[Nov 3, 2011] SSF4AE Tournament Mahwah NJ XBOX 360 (Mahwah, NJ)

For our second time, Fantasy Games and Hobbies will be holding a gaming tournament. We’re looking to get another solid outcome

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

$10 venue fee and $10 to participate in the tournament.

Standard Double Elim brackets.
2/3 for each match, 3/5 for all finals (winner, loser, grand)

Registration begins at Noon, games to begin around 1pm.

All games will be run on XBOX 360 systems. We will provide games, systems and screens. Just please bring your own controller/stick/fight pad. We will not be providing any controllers. Please bring only wired controllers as wireless controllers make things more difficult (with syncing and switching).

Chips and soda will be provided for purchase at the venue. Send any questions to fantasygamesandhobbies@gmail.com and we’ll be sure to answer any questions or worries you might have about the event. You can also call us at 201-252-8421 for more details and any questions. Thanks and we hope to have a solid turnout again. About 20 people last time and hope to have more this time

i think im going to be home for the weekend. should be able to make it out.

the last tourney in mahwah didn’t do too good in turnout and it was $5/$5. good luck though.

The intent is to get more people. For our first tourney, I’d say it was pretty good. We’d like this time to be a better turnout. This time the advertising should be alot better, so more people should come

Apologies to everyone. Plans fell through and people flaked and we weren’t able to get any of the consoles for the tournament in September. However, this one in october we’ll be better prepared for the outcome. Once again we’re very sorry to anyone who made it out.