[Nov 3, 2012] Family Fun Arcade Biweeklies (Granada Hills, CA)




KoF on Cinco de Mayo is a MUST.


So far we have 11 entrants for AE2012, looking for some more!


Results added on www.ffa-united.com



i’m totally up for this



Next week might be a little bit slow due to CEO2012 but we might try and put the stream up so players can play then watch.


Tryin to make it dwn ther, I’m new to the scene. Do I stil have time to register? Do u think someone would let me borrow ther stik for my matches? Appreciate if some one answered me thx.


The tournament doesn’t start until 5pm with AE2012, looks like we are cutting KOFXIII. Much stronger at Japan Arcade.



Sorry guys!