Nov. 30, 2002 H.P. MvC2 Results


1st - Jose Garcia : Magneto/Storm/Psylocke, Magneto/Storm/TronBonne

2nd - Jaime Orozco JLaruzo : Magneto/Sentinel/IronMan, Magneto/Cable/Sentinel, Magneto/Cable/Psylocke

3rd - Osvaldo Orozco : Sentinel/Cable/Captain Commando

4th - Martin Garcia M.A.G. : Magneto/Cable/Sentinel

5th - Julius Jackson Dumb_Ass_Combo : IronMan/WarMachine/Doom, Cyclops/IronMan/Doom
5th - Smiley =) : Sentinel/Cable/Blackheart

7th - Alex Salguero Sin
7th - Tony G Guile-Virus-

9th - Atari
9th - Joe Bal calishaolin
9th - Armando Batres Zerg
9th - Jose Mendez

13th - Fred Flores

Apex results here

Tournament Report: Ummm… sorry, I don’t remember. I fell asleep on the Rush 2049 machine. =\

Julius was recording some matches and he told me that he was planning on posting video footage of the tournament. So, be sure to check this thread sometime this week for footage.

Announcement: Starting next Saturday (Dec. 7), HP tournaments will now be held on a weekly basis.




I haven’t played against Jose Garcia… but I have played against this team…

Don’t underestimate it… shit hurts.

And what’s the deal on the vids?


Re: Re: Nov. 30, 2002 H.P. MvC2 Results

Julius has the videos, and that’s true Tronbonne takes a lot of damage but Jose didn’t beat me with magneto/storm/tronbonne;
he beat me with MSP…but MST is a pretty strong team.


Mad props to Jose Garcia,

y felicidades por sacar 2o, Jaime!! Asi echale ganas en el de UCLA =)


Gracias Musker voy a empesar a practicar…
y que ondas si le van a caer al torneo de UCLA o no.