[Nov 5, 2011] HarCon 2011 (Bel Air, MD)

Come to the third annual HarCon, hosted by the Gamers Guild of Harford Community College.

Admission: Non-perishable food item. Or $3.00

  • Video game tournaments (Details to follow)
  • Card game tournaments (Magic: the Gathering and Yugioh, potentially others)
  • Tabletop games for anyone interested (Includes board games and potentially D&D, among others)

-Various Vendors

-Music provided by DJ

Further details to follow.

Hey guys, if you’re in the area feel free to show up. We’ll have fighting game tournaments, just not sure which games yet.

Highly likely candidates are: MvC3, Smash bros, tekken 6, BB: CS (1 or 2) SSF4: Arcade Edition, and Mortal Kombat ((maybe))

Please post any thoughts/suggestions/useful comments.