[Nov 5, 2011] Rebel Up! - Socal BlazBlue Danisen Session 1.4 - 11/5/2011 (Xie's Garage)


Hello everyone, the next session for the offline Danisen session Saturday 10/29/2011 in my garage. This is the week before Dromstruction, so everyone planning to go should definitely show up to practice. BUT REALLY, YOU SHOULD SHOW UP AND PLAY.

Stream: www.twitch.tv/xiei


Saturday 10/15
This time around, if you are bringing a setup, please show up a little bit early so we can get set up by. Everyone else, please show up as you have at around 2pm.


When attempting to go to my house, you MUST enter through the gate on South Street. If you attempt to enter my neighborhood via any other gate, you will make yourself sad as there is no guard there to let you in. Thus, whenever you’re creating directions, MAKE SURE that your directions take you to the gate on South Street and not anywhere else. I can honestly not stress this enough. A good way to know that you’re doing it right is that you are making a left or right on Alphington Ave. If this street does not appear anywhere in your directions you are probably doing it wrong.

When you finally make it to the South Street Gate, the guard will ask you where you are going. Tell him my address and my name (James Xie) and you should be fine. Once you get in, follow the rest of your map and you should wind up my my house. Park somewhere on the street nearby.

What to bring

If you would like to bring a full setup (monitor, cables, console), please do and I will find a place to set it up. If you want to play other games, you can bring those too, but we’ll probably shun you to the driveway.

Other than that, bring whatever other equipment you need to play on a console, aka sticks, controllers, etc. However, if you show up with a hitbox or a pad, we’ll be sure to constantly [S]verbally abuse[/S] encourage you to eventually learn stick.

Event Info

What the fuck is a Danisen?

Good question. The Danisen system is something that’s gained popularity in fighting games over the years and is something they use to rank people outside of the standard ranbats. Basically, it’s like playing for points. You fight your opponent as you normally would, and then you gain or lose points for winning or losing. There are associated levels and restrictions based on each level. Pretty simple.

Dan System

*Starting out *
-Each time you win a match, you gain 1 point. Each time you lose a match, you lose 1 point.

-Everyone begins at “Rank 1” ranking with zero points.

-You cannot go below 0 points as a Rank 1

Leveling up
-You can level up by reaching +3. Conversely, if you reach -3 in your ranking, you will level down.

-Every time you level up or down, you start at +0 for that Rank. From there, you can once again move up or down as normally.

-You can only play someone within 1 rank of yourself. For example, Rank 1 vs Rank 2 is fine, but not Rank 1 vs Rank 3.

-If there are less than three people in the highest current level, you may not play at that level until there are at least three people. Try to focus on an alt if you make it to the very top.

Rank 5 - Strong

-Due to the current player cap, Rank 5 is now a special Rank

-Rank 5 requires a player to reach +5 to reach Rank 6, getting demoted to Rank 4 still only requires a -3

Rank 6 - The King of Kings

-Rank 6 is the same type of special rank

-However, you must reach -5 to get demoted from Rank 6

Rank 7 - God of Gods

-A player who is Rank 7 cannot Gain points, for example, if he wins at -4, he will stay at -4

-Similarly, losing to a Rank 7 player does not cause you to lose points (unless you are also Rank 6)

-All wins will instead be counted as W’s. They will be tallied up in a cumulative score.

System Rules

-Standard tournament rules, 2/3 rounds, 99 seconds, [S]NO CHEAP SHIT[/S]

-All characters are allowed, except the unlimited ones

-In the interest of not wasting time, no Stylish Mode chracters

-Each match you play is 1 point, it is NOT 2/3 matches per point

-Winner stays after he wins, if he gets promoted, then he must get up.

-Losers get up, if there is REALLY no one else to play, you can have a salty [S]runback[/S] funback

Station Rules

The way the room is set up is something like this:

-Each TV will have a level range assigned to it (Rank 1-2/Rank 2-3/Rank 3-4)

-Line up on a TV within your correct range

-When it is your turn, sit down and play your opponent

-If you win, you must stay put. If you lose, you must line up on a DIFFERENT station in your range.

This way, if you are capable of following directions, you will never play someone out of your range. If there are a lot of players in a particular range, we’ll increase the number of setups for that range, but the same rules apply.

Different Character Rules

-You may play more than one character at the Danisen, each character will have their independent score own score.

-You can even play a character in a vastly different way and have it count as in independent character (For example, Bobby can play on stick have have his score be independent)

-You may play multiple characters per day. HOWEVER, if you choose a character, you may not choose another character until you level up or down with that character. The exception is if you are Rank 1 with 0 points, you may switch character whenever you want.

Loser Jar

If you want to work on your tournament nerves, I recommend bringing some change for the “loser” jar. Every time you lose, you will put your own self ordained amount of money into the jar. I’ll be providing drinks at the event, and future drinks will come from the loser jar, so get bodied for a cause.

Special Event List

Every week we will have a new type of special event to mix things up. Here are the list of current and past events.

10/2 - The Gauntlet of Gods

-Each player in the top rank must participate

-Each Rank 7 player will be forced to play 5 matches in a row, starting with the newest Rank 7 player

-This will continue until all but one of the Rank 7 players is demoted

10/15 3pm - Single Battle Ordeal (SBO)

-Single Match, Single Elim Tournament

-Players are seeded by Danisen Rank

-Danisen points are still counted for matches won or lost, with no regard to rank (except Rank 7 and Rank 1)

11/5 3pm - Battle By the Garage (BBG)

-This is TWO TEAM BATTLE. Everyone will be split into one of two teams and will duke it out!

-There will be two team captains, first pick will be chosen by a best of 2 match.

-The Team Captains this time around will be [details=Spoiler]Hidden[/details] and [details=Spoiler]Secret[/details] for now.

-Each battle between team members is ONE MATCH

-The winning team is the team that survives!

-Danisen Points are tallied at the end of the event.

11/26 3pm - God’s Pardon

-[details=Spoiler](Rules Hidden Until 10/30)[/details]

12/10 3pm - ???

Current Standings - 10/02/11

Rank 1
DBS(0) - Newcomer!
ML131(0) - Newcomer!
TC(0) - Newcomer!

Rank 2
Wandering Wolf(0)
WildWallace(0) - Rank Up!

Rank 3
Flipid(0) - Rank Up!
Bond(0) - Rank Down!

Rank 4
Super Jimmy(0) - Rank Up!
PhaethonH(-1) - Rank Up!

Rank 5 - Strong
Obaloney(-2) - Rank Up!

Rank 6 - King of Kings
Severin(0) - Rank Up!
Dsmoove(-1) - Rank Up!

Rank 7 - God of Gods

Unranked (No Shows)

Hall of Fame - People who have donated to the CHAIRS AND TABLES fund
Shtkn - $40,000,000
Super Jimmy - $20,000,000

I think that about covers it. If you have any questions, post them in the thread or talk to me.


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