[Nov 6, 2012] Final Round Arcade Ranbats Season 3 SSF4AE! (Miami, FL)

Final Round Arcade will begin the Arcade Edition Ranbats starting June 21, 2011

Face book - facebook.com/finalroundarcade
Twitter - twitter.com/FRArcade
Youtube – youtube.com/frarcade
Donations - [FONT=Verdana]tinyurl.com/donateFRA[/FONT]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Stream** - **justin.tv/finalroundarcade[/COLOR][/FONT]

Entrance Fee for Ranbat is $5. 3 bucks go to the tourney pot and 2 go to the season. Season pot is added to the tourney pot for top 8 if the season.

Our Stream is on Justin.Tv and gets archived after the stream is over, if you guys wish to view your match before I put them up on youtube that is how you do it.

As for donations, FR can really use any donations you guys are willing to give us. The donations are going towards new stream equipment such as the microphones and headsets to give everyone better quality and to improve it to two commentators instead of just one.

Ranbats will be divided into six full tournaments. Five(5) tournaments to gain seeding points. One(1) tournament to decide the winner of the top 8 in points and the season champion.

Top 8 of Season 3 for the first tournament will be the order of placement for the Season 2 results. If you are not ranked in the top 8, you will be unranked in the first Ranbat of season 3.

Top 8 Rankings as of May 24, 2011

  1. Simplyph33r
  2. Fightclubnearu
  3. DanielRGT
  4. DMG Atrocity
  5. Intehweeds
  6. FR Angel
  7. Mark the Aardvark
  8. Alex N

There will be one ranbat every two weeks to gain seeding points. Dates for the ranbat are:

June 21st – Ranbat 3.1
July 5th – Ranbat 3.2
July 19th – Ranbat 3.3
August 2nd – Ranbat 3.4
August 16th – Ranbat 3.5

Top 8 August 30th – Ranbat 3.6 Season Championship.

Everyone will have two weeks before the Ranbats start to learn your new characters and matchups as well as the game mechanics itself.
Point System will be added up by me and updated every single Ranbat. Everyone will start at zero points and work their way up
1st place – 64 points
2nd place – 32 points
3rd place – 16 points
4th place – 8 points
5th place – 4 points
7th place – 2 points

DAMN IT. I am gonna be in Miami this week.

What is this played on?
Also, is there anything besides AE played?

People play MvC3 also there is a bit of a 3rd strike revival as of late.

I was there. I’m the tall guy who tier whores like a mug LOL. I’ll be out regularly, just moved into town from Tallahassee.

Are you guys gonna stream this???