[Nov 9, 2012] Friday Night Fraud Search |UMvC3| (Long Beach, California)



[LEFT]Alright folks, its that time again, Friday Night Fraud Search here in Long Beach, SoCal. If you’re in the Long Beach area or anywhere in SoCal and bored come by to this leveling up purposed tournament for UMvC3. The tournament will start at 9:00pm and WILL BE STREAMING at www.twitch.tv/uniteightyseven. We are shooting to finish the tournament at around 11:30pm and afterwards we are running casuals until 2am if people wish to stay that long. There will be 5 setups, 3 Xbox 360s and 2 PS3s. We will dedicate one xbox setup for SF4AE for casuals. Here is a list of thing you need to know:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1. Doors will open at 7:30pm giving people time to warm up and sign up before the tournament starts.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2. We will collect any fees at the door, usually we don’t have change for the first few people who show up, so please bring change! [/LEFT]
[LEFT]3. To enter is 3 dollars and unlimited beer is 2 dollars. The prize pot will be split between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (60%, 20%, 10%). Prize pot will consist of all the tournament entry fees collected before tournament, In some cases there may be a bonus.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4. Tournament will be double elimination, best out of 3 for normal matches, best out of 5 for Winners Final and Losers Final. Winner of losers must knock winner into losers bracket to get to Grand Finals, best out of [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Spectators, trolls, or even goblins are welcome. Don’t forget the stream will be up on www.twitch.tv/uniteightyseven. This tournament will be in my apartment so all I ask is that you respect the place and have a good time LEVELING UP!![/LEFT]
Yusef Andrews (Katsu Drew)
Operation Managers:
Anthony Ruiz (Kazin) & Kevin Chester (HesDreaded)
Stream Producer/Graphic Designer**:**
Yusef Andrews (Katsu Drew)

Stream Link:

Youtube Link:
Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:

[LEFT]List for Previous Champions:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Date: Name: Team: Champ#:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]January 28, 2012:D****isordered Unit Chris/Storm/Dr. Doom, 1st Champion[/LEFT]
[LEFT]February 3, 2012: **Ponce C.Viper/Dr. Doom/Super Skrull, 2nd Champion[/LEFT]
[LEFT]February 10, 2012: ** Infrit
Nova/Spencer/Sentinel, 3rd Champion[/LEFT]
[LEFT]February 17, 2012: Airtola Hulk/Nemesis/Tasksmaster, 4th Champion[/LEFT]


how many people are going any idea?


Usually we get like 15 to 20, some pretty good players show up too, Like Infrit, Jint, Airtola, Ponce, and even Upa.


Will you be hosting any St x t today?


I didn’t even know this existed.

I see you guys are doing sfxt now on your facebook group page, I’m really interested in playing, sent an invite for the group.


is this going on tonight too? upa said something to me about friday night tonight, i just cant find where it is


you guys gonna update this with info about sfxt or what? systems? is it teams? lol i came across the challonge listing on google for this and you guys never even updated