[Nova=GFX Art]

Haven’t posted here in a minute so I’ll start off with
some Photomanipulation.

I think I made this one a little too busy…

Alot people liked this one…

This on as well

I like your stuff Nova, but this is in the wrong forum. You’ll probably get more feedback in IMM.

moving… :slight_smile:


Fantastic. The Birdie one works best IMO.
I hope to see more.

'Preciate It…

Is that fucking Cracker Jack? :rock:

Hell Yeah G, just chillin’ on the corner… Hot as as fuck…

Well done sir.

Just use PS?

that shit is hot! kutgw!

PSCS Mainly, I got some other Programs like illustrator and flash, but I’m noob as fuck with 'em…

@ShatterStar- Thx, bruh.

Illustrator is HOT when you know it in and out bro, learn it and your art will grow by leaps and bounds. Foreal.

Well this is a fake concert promo I did. The names are actual artist that I work with though. The photo is me and the emblem is mine as well.

A tag of myself…


nice stuff there dude!

I love the first one.

thanks ya’ll

New shit




Good stuff, no one’s done real flashy/bright stuff around here in a while.