Nova incoming character set ups



What are some good Solo incoming character setups after you lill a character or snap one back? Just curious on what people do


Depends on what assists you have. I think the most basic of incoming setup is usually something like tossing a javelin or an aegis and either going an option select j.h/grab or doing a high low mixup as they land. You can also call an assist and use rocket punch or the various centurion arts to cross up and create ambiguous situations. People tend to like using the h version of centurion arts because when spaced properly, it hits from right under them and leads to an easy hit confirm.


Nova has a few that are pretty strong. One that I like to do is to throw a javelin while they’re coming in, then while they land I call an assist and either centurion rush L or M. If they were holding down they get opened up by Cent Rush M and if they were holding up they get opened up with Cent Rush L. Both Cent Rush M and Cent Rush L can cross up midscreen and Cent Rush L can be very ambiguous in the corner. Both let me confirm off of my assist. If they block it, it sets them up for a mixup anyway. Cent Rush H is pretty good if you have drones though. It’s really good either way, but it’s incredibly unsafe if blocked so it’s only really viable with drones or missiles.

Another that’s incredibly strong ,especially when you’re x-factored, is a Grav Pulse H mixup. You pretty much set a pulse close to the corner while they’re coming in and at the right time you do a cr.M so you cross them up, then just confirm off them getting hit by the pulse with either st.M, st.H, S or j.M, j.M, j.H, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.M, j.H, j.S, etc.

Last one is a javelin mixup, which is more difficult to time and works better midscreen. You have to time it properly, but you throw a javelin right before your opponent is coming in, you can cr.M right under them so they get hit with the javelin in the air which causes a ground bounce. Works really really great if you’re x-factored. If they block it, it sets them up to either get airthrown or groundthrown.


I forgot to mention, that if you super jump and airdash down j.H while a character is coming in and they block and advancing guard you, it’s a free airthrow because it’s a guard break. You need to dash in and airgrab quickly though and react to the pushblock.


Thanks a lot guys! Time to hit the Lab!


How do you guys practice the character incoming set ups in training mode? I’m kinda new to Marvel.


Set the Dummy to not regenerate health, kill a character, apply your mixup as the new character comes in. Or just snap a character in, which happens a lot faster and doesn’t give you as much time for setup. Don’t forget to apply some sort of blocking, like if you are going for the CR. M or L for the high low, set the Dummy to only block one, not both. For the guard break, sj.ADD.H set the Dummy to pushblock.

Question of my own. I’m playing Nova/Spencer/Sentinel, and off the high/low incoming mixup with CR.M/L what combos are people doing? Particularly with CR.M as this uses your ground bounce. I’m thinking H+Spencer, S jcc. qcb.H, for crumple. Normally I would do something to build meter, use Nova Smash for it’s ground bounce and setup the crumple that way. Anyone got any suggestions? Jump loop maybe?


Found two solutions to my problem. One kind of forgot that ground bounce only happens when the opponent is airborne, so if they land this isn’t an issue. Two if they do get ground bounced, and they happen to be in the corner or in a situation where the H fly loop can be done, it is easy enough to time H+A1, S jcc qcb.H for the crumple.

Anyone got anything else?


If you’re playing Sentinel you should go for his Cent Rush H cross up more. It’s super ambiguous and safe with drones. Cent Rush M for the most part is to force them to block so you can go for instant overhead mix-ups. Cent Rush L can also cross up if used close to the corner upon them coming in. It also gives you enough time for some instant overhead mix-ups.


CentRush.H does make the most sense, but I was just looking for other things to do.

And since we are talking about CentRush.H, how does the jump canx properties apply to this move? I couldn’t jump canx it when I was in training yesterday. Is it like a glitch that only happens in match? Cause I would do it and the Dummy would push block the move three times and I was just holding up and nothing would happen.


Another side question. If snapping in a problem, say Doom, Strider, Akuma, Frank, Vergil, whatever. You have the element of surprise on your opponent but what mixups can you apply to a snapped in character over a incoming character.

I’ve been working really hard on my Nova and I am trying to solve a lot of problems I am having. Assists a lot of the time are the problem, mainly due to how slow the Drones assist is and just getting counter called. So I am trying to snap in an assist to deal with.


I think in order for it to work, you need an assist to be hitting while they push block and you need to jump cancel inbetween blocks but I wouldnt know because I don’t play Nova with Drones. Also, depending on your assist, you can do it on hit.

In my opinion, a snap in and incoming character are the same thing. The only difference is with a snap in, a player is probably more tense knowing their character is coming in and YOU HAVE INTENT to do w/e is in your power to get rid of them lol…Incoming is just like “yeah w/e my character died”. I could be wrong though…maybe there is a significant difference. As for incoming mixups, I don’t really have any. I call my assist throw a javelin or a shield, look for grab, and hope for the best…if not, w/e I just play the match. The only mixup I really have is cross under H rush


does anybody have a link or a video to show the m cent rush or h cent rush? im pretty new to nova so far i just go for aegis mixups, either call one and cross them up or usually throw one so they hit it on incoming then follow it up with jump h or air grab.