NOVA SUPER SFIV *Episode 1.4 Ranbats Results

Last night’s results

1st MagMan +10
2nd Darkchild +7
3rd Eric V +5
4th Grimy Grizzly +3
5th Eric Kim +2
5th Ek +2
7th Kenutty+1
7th Blue +1

Thanks to Fredericksburg for coming up. 22 entrants yesterday.

2 more ranbats left.

CVS2 after the tournament was great.

Thanks to Scott/Jaguar for the ride on the way up/back respectively.

I was pretty EX’d up to after winner’s finals.

RC Elec blankas are the cheapest POS next to PTF runaway Bison. Good seeing No defence back and playing CVS2, for someone with that name you play pretty patiently.

yo eric v…

cvs2 was gdlk after. needed that crack session.