NOVA Super SFIV Ranbats *1.1 @ Cyber Ground - 7/20/10 RESULTS


Thanks to everybody who came out. It was really good seeing new faces from the area. The purpose of these Ranbats is to gather everyone together and have fun. There were 2 casuals stations so i hope people got a lot of games in. The finals had really good matches. I now know how things work, so the next one will be better. I hope to see everyone again at the next one.

for those who left early, i raffled off 2 TGI Friday’s Gift Certificates (free appetizer or dessert). you also missed out on the top 8 finals, which were great matches all around. true display of raw skill.

Next time, i will have 1 casual set up on xbox and use at least 2 setups for the tournament. we had enough setups to have the tournament run smoothly. i think things wrapped up by 11pm.

for those who didn’t come, there is always next time. there is still time to catch up on points. i’ve decided to run all grand finals 2/3. that should give anyone a better chance to beat down LUD.

you never know what will happen at these ranbats, since it is single elim. this is almost as intense as making it out of your pools @ EVO.

also, plz don’t be discouraged to come. Cyber Ground has been letting us use their facilities for free when we set up casuals. this is my way of making them some money. i also need to raise money so we can get better equipment and make the events even better.

Top 8:
1st DMG Lud (+10)
2nd Eric Kim (+7)
3rd Ryry (MvC3 Champ) (+5)
4th Ek (Boo Radley) (+3)
5th JAGROG (+2)
5th Will08 (+2)
7th iNerd (+1)
7th Spectre (+1)

I wanted to have a chance to talk to everyone but I had to make sure everything ran smoothly. Leave your comments and feedback here.

i hope everybody enjoyed themselves and you guys will get better at this game.

the next Ranbat is August 3rd.


wtf, why was Ek in the tournament, and how did he take 4th?

But seriously, good shit to him.


iturd in top 8? even without a me or others there, that shouldnt be happening guys. step your shit up.

stream was aight. a little dark. AND NEVER LET ITURD ON THE MIC AGAIN.


It was fun Jag. Cant wait till the next one. I will do better this time lol


Next time, everybody show up on time so i can make you nametapes. If you didn’t have a name tape, you came too late.

the archived videos are up @ NOVA SFIV RanBats @ Cyber Ground on

feel free to tag the videos and make highlights.


Haters gon’ hate.


ANYBODY could have taken it.


not even hate. just brutal honesty. you are ass on the mic. please dont do it again.


I will always try to be on time, but honestly, the best I can make is around 6:45ish. Gotta leave work from DC, hit the metro, catch a bus, change outta my business suit (even though SF is serious business) - then drive my sorry ass over to CG.

Shouldnt be a ‘late’ as we were last night. That should have been a one-time thing. Stupid traffic. =P

Had fun. Good games everyone.


Yea don’t let iNerd on the mic, for stream viewers’ sake.


can’t you leave from work and go straight to CG? have a friend meet you at cg and bring your stuff?


Shoutouts to not letting iNerd near the mic… Shoutouts.


There was a boxer mirror in the archive when Mike was commentating and I thought I heard a guy blurt out “Get off the mic” after Mike messes up his name lol.

As far as technical things go, they fixed the stream’s problem with only having mono sound instead of stereo, but the Stream still looks kinda dark. I think someone already pointed that out, but the video just looks kinda… bleh. Good start, though. I’m in the midwest and what I did watch live was clean with no stuttering issues.


i respect that…


good games :open_mouth: dont worry my cammy gonna level up eventually… i’ll stay for more friendlies next time


Everything I know about SF commentary I learned from Adam Sessler.

-corners are bad
-everyone is on notice, not blast
-the tide can turn AT ANY TIME


good stuff Jag! This guy is on a roll. go to these everyone. sorry I didn’t make it out. It was one of my only days off to move this week plus I’m moving into two new apartments not just one. but you are awesome and I will be there next time. I always have Tuesdays off since I work over night on Mondays. I’ll let you know when we can get some matches in at my place nova peoples.


that was me who said GET OFF THE MIC. but nobody wants to step up to commentate and i dont have a dedicated announcer so inerd gets to stay on the mic YAYYY


yaaayy Inerd yaaayy


I am getting on the mic. Then you will pray for Inerd to get back on the mic.