NOVA Super SFIV Ranbats *Episode 1.2 @ Cyber Ground - Aug 3rd RESULTS


Top 8:
1st Darkchild (+10)
2nd Strogg (+7)
3rd Vivaldi (+5)
4th Ek (Boo Radley) (+3)
5th Andy Bui (+2)
5th Devil Jin (+2)
7th JAGROG (+1)
7th iNerd (+1)


lots of expected players did not come; however we had 29 total entrants. I am hoping more players show up next time. How come i can get out of towners to come, but it’s hard to get known NOVA locals to come out (MAGMAN, DARRICK PEREZ, PVP, PAIKMAN, ERIC KIM, ETC.?) i hope you guys come out and support the VA scene. There’s A LOT of new VA faces. more and more keep popping out of nowhere.

To those who did come, it was another good ranbats. I hope everyone had fun. We had like 4 casual stations this time, and the tournament ended by 10:30pm.

I apologize for the shitty stream. I haven’t had the chance to test it and get new equipment.

The next ranbats is on August 24th.

Also, I will be away for military training from Aug 7 - 21st. Please spread the word and support NOVA Ranbats.


Imma fall back and let Darkchild take this one. He’s the best player we got.


I’ll come when you play a good game :stuck_out_tongue:


Point standings
1st DMG Lud 10 pts
1st Darkchild 10 pts
3rd Eric Kim 7 pts
3rd Strogg 7 pts
5th Ek 6 pts
6th Ryry 5 pts
6th Vivaldi 5 pts
8th JAGROG 3 pts
9th Andy Bui 2 pts
9th Devil Jin01 2 pts
9th iNerd 2 pts
9th Will08 2 pts
13th Spectre 1 pt


3rd strike at the end of every ranbats


Even though there weren’t many people it was fun to watch. I had fun and I hope to attend more.

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strogg using his patented crouching roundhouse, eh?






Good shit. It would’ve been better if mags and others were there. I love more competition even when I end up losing. Really just felt like playing SF4 cuz I’ve been sick for weeks with strep throat and I have a plans tomorrow so I pretty much am out of the xanbats running. Ima keep trying to make it to this one though.



dunno bout the other guys


biweekly seems so long.


(not) working
(not) driving

Just speaking for Pat here. shrug.


he said good game

Melty at the end of every ranbats


Yo Darkchild, way to represent Rog!

My man Strogg, way to beat Rufus for me…thanks


not working
not driving

o shit. mags already got me… gs.

if i had a way home ide be there everytime. :confused: