Nova v2013 wishlist



What would you guys want to see in a patch of 2013 Marvel if it ever comes out?

Personally, I’d like to see
[]A cancellable raw j.:s: into special moves
]j.:s: does 1 hit rather than multiple. I kind of want to be able to do two air combos in a bnb
[*]More hitstun
Really wishful thinking as I think Nova is pretty balanced. Great tools but requires perfect timing to make the most of it


This is potentially stupid and I doubt anyone will agree with me, but I wish Gravimetric Pulse H was like the L and M versions but straight up instead of the shield. But honestly I don’t think Nova needs any changes.


Dude, that would be so sick.
Just imagine the hitconfirms from nowhere at SJ height.


Exactly. Hard tag into anyone off the level 3 version. Not to mention the Spencer H Grapple-like incoming mixups… it would be godlike, but potentially really broken. I also wouldn’t know what to do about his alpha assist.


I want a command grab…but one that looks like Abel’s tornado throw =) lol (I’m still thinking of real things to add to this list)


Grav Pulse L and M should be full screen projectiles instead of this extended limb of energy that we have now. The Grav Blaster super is a beam, I don’t get why Grav L and M shouldn’t be a beam too…

cr. L should be a low and mashable.

This is pretty much all Nova needs.


You’re familiar with his powered up Grav Pulses, right? The 21%+ red life versions are very definitely full-screen. And I definitely don’t agree with c.L being a mashable low, that would be busted.


Nova’s fine as he is. Fantastic in fact. Cross your fingers for no nerfs instead of hoping for buffs he’ll never get.


I like Nova as he is too. If I had to guess, he’ll get nerfed. Let’s hope he doesn’t.


I wouldn’t mind the beams for the Grav Pulses but if so, they would have to be a little slow or something…like the higher the level, the faster it comes out (since you’re using red health) opposed to how other with other beams, the H versions come out slower than the L versions…As for everything else, that’s kind of OD…then Nova would be a brolic Magneto substitute…that would be doing TOO MUCH…he doesn’t need all that…all I really want is a little more hitstun for some longer/fancier combos…that’s it…and a command grab


Yeah, I think it’s important more than anything that they keep Nova unique. Giving him a beam or a mashable low c.L makes him too much like other characters of the cast. And Zansam now that you mention it I’m positive that they will nerf something about him. Probably the amount of time on his air throw hard knockdown.


TBH, there really isn’t much for them to nerf…people that complain about Nova just don’t play against him enough to know what his weaknesses are…they just get airgrabbed and instant overhead and think he’s derp…it ain’t that easy.


I think Nova is the best character in the game that’s not bullshit, that’s why i play him. He can dance on your face, but he has no good lows, if he had a low cr.A, he’d be bullshit. He has a full screen projectile invincible super that he gets a full combo from, but it’s got slow startup, otherwise he would be bullshit. He has ridiculous neutral tools in Grav pulses, but they consume his own life, otherwise he’d be bullshit etc…

So yeah, i’m with Marv and Zansam, just don’t nerf my boy. Go fuck with Magneto instead.


Enough time to make 2 sandwiches before air throwing instead of just one.

Some type of horizontal projectile would be cool too.


Generally when I discuss who’s the best characters in the game the only reason Nova doesn’t crack top ten amongst my friends is exactly that; there’s nothing bullshit about him. Lots of good stuff, nothing broken. Perfectly happy with how he is.


^ This so much

I can’t find anything to buff Nova other than the j.:s: to make him the same as other characters with hard knockdown j.:s:, he’s very balanced


Nova’s probably one of the only characters that’s fine as is in the game. I wouldn’t mind having a little bit of a faster startup on Speed Tackle. Also Energy Javelin as an assist instead of Rocket Punch would be fantastic.


Yeah, Speed Tackle start up could be faster, but aside from that nothing. He’s a great character. Even better, he’s a great character in a Marvel game. Yet at the same time, there’s nothing really worth complaining about him with. He has the tools to be the type of character he is, and that’s all he needs. I guess maybe him having the option to use his red life for Gravimetric power ups with like a double button press or maybe holding down the button you use, but the red life thing really isn’t that big a deal either. If Marvel were to be a fair game, he would be one of the characters all the other ones would be balanced around.


Realistically, a faster speed tackle (say, can bust through slower beam supers rather than just getting hit a lot) would be the only fair buff I could request for nova. Unfair buff? Cr.l Low. I wish it was like that, but that would just be so incredibly stupid. :lol:


In the comics Nova is INCREDIBLY durable. The only thing I want to have Nova get if there ever was a 2013 patch would be like 100k more health or something.