Nova with Pendulum / Cold Star help?



So I need a combo with Nova that can utilise either one or both of these assists. Mainly cold star since Pendulum is my Sentinel Force esque assist.

I’ve been trying cold star after OTG and then using cent. rush M and relaunch. HSD kicks in for him so I shortened the combo but it deals the same amount of damage without an assist, so I’m looking into a new combo. Got any ideas?


After an air series, knock the opponent down and call Cold Star (it’s important that you do it as soon as possible, before Nova even recovers from j.S), otg with Light Cent. Rush, then do M. Cent Rush and follow up H Cent Rush. That’s what I got. Keep in mind that outside the corner you’ll cross the opponent up with Light CR so you have to do the other two moves on the opposite direction in which you started.


Log Trap is so fucking good for Nova. I’ve been tempted to seriously consider RR.


Thanks I’ll try them out.