Novastar Premiers 2

Hey watsup Brain Digger, this is a little more my style. I’m post some later tell what you think.:cool:

Shes a character that me and my homeboy came up wit for a comic series we workin on.

I like this alot you got a nice sense of design. Good work.

Thanx cuz, this next one is another comic series that another one of my friends is workin on. He cant draw too well so i’m do most of the work artwise.

heres a tip for you. stop the photoshop trickery. you have alot of work here and i can tell you like doing art so why dont you spend more of your time learning how to draw and paint. when i say paint i’m not talking about the filter menu in photoshop.

OK, Here’s what I got. First, I don’t think you should go out and try oil painting or anything like that as Sweet suggested And I wouldn’t agree that Photoshop is trickery. Those colors on the armor on the first one aren’t anything to diss. I sould suggest pencil shading some sketches, though.

Now to get more into details, The designs are simply out of this world, original characters and all. I also love the attention put into the small details. But the big picture sometimes has some things very wrond with it. You see, you can have very good details on the clothing and the objects around the character, but the character itself is out of proportion in some areas. I the first drawing, you simply drew her whole upper body too short, on the other hand, the arms and legs were in perfect proportion… which really confused me. Also, I’d suggest some serious work on the belly and chest muscles which look really amateur, like drawn thout any thought towards human anatomy.

The second drawing would’ve been perfect if you’d erase everything under her right arm. You could make a really nice cut there… but everything under there is simply out of proportion. The body is too short, the legs are WAAAY too short… Wait, am I missing something? Is her leg bent there? squint measure
Oh… it seems as I am mistaken… It seems as if it’s perfect proportion now… but I only see one leg… and it’s the weirdest pose I’ve ever seen. Man, this drawing is very confusing.

Anyway, contact me more personally with either MSN, ICQ or AIM, whichever you preffer. IM me first for my details in each.