Novastar Presents 3: Astaroth

Wats up yall. Here some SC art Astaroth.

Not bad, though something in my brain wants to make a Mortal Kombat comment…

this was done with a mouse? looks good, man.

LOL, that’s true… there’s something about black/yellow and staring, pupilless eyes that screams “Scorpion.”

Chalk up his look to Namco

Nice pic though, you captured him very well. I especially like the skin. Looks almost realistic. All done with a mouse eh? When you get hold of a stylus, there is gonna be no stoppin ya.

Hey thanx yall. to be honest i kinda rushed it or didnt change some things that i shouldve, but didnt feel like it. like for instance the whole left arm is out of proportion.I think his bicep is a little smaller than it should as well as the arm length. and Some of the textures i used kinda clash with pictures flow like the Armor and heart for instance. It was really a quick fix that i was drawin for somebody in another forum.He seemed to like it so i guess my job is done.Thanx yall and Oh yeah I noticed scorpion similarity when i was halfway finished so i kinda expected that one:lol: