Novastar Presents

Hi, my names new and i just wanna post some art i drew on my pc in photoshop.Considering that i drew these pics with a mouse what do yall think.:slight_smile:

You can checkout more of my art work at the link below

What up though!

let me be the first to welcome you aboard to our fan art gallery. Where all good friends around here so you shouldn’t have a problem fitting in. Now, on to the art. These are really good considering you did these with a mouse. I see you have some knowledge of PS also, which is good. Check out SFMC’s PS tutorials on this page, he has nice pointers over there.

Welcome to SRK!

The nose throws me off a bit, but the rest look spectacular…

The nose on which one?


Welcome To SRK…Nice…Anna and Ivy Im feeling the most here, and with a mouse? nice stuff man- the perspective of Ivy’s sword I like the best…:cool:

I would like to see more of your work…sketches? pehaps?..the linky isnt working for me -
( Page Cannot be displayed???:confused: )

Just the first one and the last one… Very nice color usage I must say!.. I hope it’s not insulting, but Ivy in the last picture of yours looks like Dilandau from Escaflowne!.. I like 'em both, mind you…

Deonysios-Thanx for the wlecome wagon , hope you’ll enjoy some of my work when i post it.:slight_smile:

Sebaboi-No… I dont feel insulted. thanx for comments. I might work on tham some more.:slight_smile:

Gunstar- The link should be working now. feel free to check out some more of my work.:wink:

The colors are fantastic!.. Considering it’s done entirely by mouse!.. Eye-wise, posture-wise, (and boob-wise :P), you got it!.. Some things off, but it’s drawn using a mouse so it’s okay!..

Yo seba boi yo mustve checked out my gallery ? If so appreciate tha props. and also go ahead and tell me whats up. i dont offend easily.