Novelty Happ style Parts/slikstick sticks?

Anyone here use these things?
Slikstik T-Stick

I’m wondering how they play, They seem to be modeled after happ parts. I think they sell happ based sticks on their site too. Seems like they would get super sweaty in your hands?

Additionally, I’m wondering if anyone here knows a good place to get 1 1/8 size(happ) skeleton buttons. I’ve seen them before, but I can’t find them now. (much like the LED lit buttons, but I don’t need them to light up)

Edit: I found these. Anyone ever used them?

ive been looking at gremlin, but after shipping and vat they were far too expensive.

IL produces these joysticks. You can him buy on Ultimarc
this the best joystick on microswitches for shumps. very short throw, superb diagonals and incredibly fast engagement, he has square restrictor.
T - stick has harder spring. Better to buy magnetical.
best joystick for UMK3.
in fighters 2D, only for advanced players. It it was one should was learn on him to play. It many men be not able to to play on so tender controller.
but I like him very.

Gremlin solutions are pretty expensive, but they have great service. They sent me Happ parts really quick and even sent me 8 replacement micro switches and an X-Arcade game thing for free.

pleased to hear that demon dash. I ordered some stuff anyway, I would use Per but I already have loads coming from him and cant wait :slight_smile:
I like the idea of the magnetic centralisation, let us know.

Yeah, gremlinsolutions is VERY expensive. They put the price up for stupid shitz. Like the Player One button, I don’t remember how much but it was enough for me to buy a normal button as a start button and asked me for like $3 for a heavy spring + shipping. Found the same springs from cointechtexas for 50 cents.
I have a competitor it seems…

They must buy from HongKong I think, that 5-pin cable is not the original one.

well untill I found out about Per I used Himura, but Rod has had some problems of late.
Whats the good word on the orders Per?

As soon as I get great pics on all orders and nothing is incorrect then it is good to go. Hoping for tomorrow morning (about 9h from now). Sorry for the long wait, I know how you feel.

Bless you Per :slight_smile: Oh can you get sanwa stickers?

Sanwa-stickers? Depends on what you mean, got any pics of what they look like?

I did have, I will have a look

Hehe its from one of yours, actually a seimitsu sticker though, or did you make it?

Ahaaaa…my own. Yes, those are made of thick vinyl by a company for me. I have some of those seimitsustickers left, but I will have new types available soon:

You like it, yes? :).


I love them!! I want an ls32 and ls55 01 and an ls33 I can paypal whatever you need.
They are so cool!

I have not gotten them yet, they said it took a while longer so maybe in about 2 weeks…
I will get Sanwa-stickers of each model also.

oh ok, well once you do…

Yes, no problem. I have gotten many mails about them so now I will get a whole bunch. I will post in akihabarashop-thread when it can be ordered (although stickers must be sent from Sweden, not Japan).

I was wondering when you were finally going to reveal those! I have a good amount of them still so I won’t run out before you get more of them. I’m sure I’ll order some though : )