November 27th! Corpus Christi TX Bar Fight Who is king of the south?! Results!


I want to say Thanks for All the Support =D :woot:
The results were as follow
Super street fighter IV

1st place Jewel man ( HONDA) ( 125$)
2nd place Rickeybullwinkle ( Balrog ) ( 35$)
3rd Place Leo ( Rose , Fei long ) (15$)

Shout Outs

Devin and his brother Tyler for bringing a set up
Sir Fish house for bring the other 2 monitors
and Robert for bring us a set up to get everything running smoothly
Super Duper kidd for holding shit down in Mvc2 BTW sorry that marvel did not happen man next time =D
Jewel Man sick ass Honda like all ways =D
To everyone i played GG :slight_smile:

Good stuff Corpus and the vally , well the good news is the venue loved us and will do it again for us when ever we want , we just need to just ask them a week in a advance or what ever . so next time i will place this event at a better time and maybe even make this a south tx major :china:


GGs to everyone! Jewel raped


GGs to everyone, My pad Marvel is too clutch.

Leo nice job peacing me out in street fighter man. Wasn’t ready for rose.

Robert Good chilling with you again, wish we could do it more bro.