November 27th! Corpus Christi TX Bar Fight Who is king of the south?!


We have not had a Tournament in a long while in Corpus Christi It is time to kick off with a good old bar fight!

B&j’s Pizza!
6335 South Padre Island Drive
(361) 992-6671

B & J’s Pizza - Google Maps

Here is a flyer to print out and PASS Around thanks to ROSS =D

November 27th
Casuals Will begin at 2:Pm and Tourney will start at 3:pm PLEASE Be on time
MVc2 time = will vary

Entry Fees and Prizes:
Venue Fee: $5 ( This will go to the Store the owner said that he will put it towards pizza for the people who are competing)
Entry Fee: 10$

Pay out
1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

Super Street Fighter IV ( Xbox 360)
Mvc2 ( Dream Cast)

House Rules:

  • This Place has Great Pizza! This place also has great Selection of Drinks so please bring your ID if you want to drink and PLEASE DRINK Responsibly

-Respect the property. No horseplay, loud cursing, etc, especially when other customers are in the store.

-Don’t over crowd the tournament area. There’s plenty of space in the dining room to chill out between matches. Remember this is flexible.

-Please bring your own controller. It slows down the tournament when people have to share equipment.


  • Default game settings
  • 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, Losers/Winners/Grand finals will be 3/5 games.
    -Winner stays same character (may change ultra), loser may change character/ultra

If anyone has ANY questions
My name is Rickey and my cell number is (361-2074061)
Feel free to PM for questions as well


i am going to get watsed


This sounds good. I really hope I can make it. I’m gonna draw on Big Nasty’s face when he passes out.:wgrin:



only 1 game? no t6, BB?


i would like to but the owner of the place is real iffy about it so im testing the waters with this and what better then “SSTIV”


MMs anybody? ft5 for 40$ in SSFIv
and ft3 for 20 in mvc2? :smiley: :smiley:


of course


put other games in there

Marvel vs capcom 2
Super street fighter 2 turbo
tatsunoko vs capcom

make it interesting


shit!!! wearing having umk3 in this


He posted in the CC thread why it’s only SSF4.



Yes But i will Post it up here for Further reference . The Reason Why we are having only super is this is the first time im dealing with the venue and i have to test the waters and see how he feels about this , for the owner this is a experiment BUT we are planing on having “Umk3” Side event if the Hd version does come out on time and thats because its on the same console and if time allows .

Hamm:I am looking for another venue just in case stuff goes south after the event and he does not want us to do it again and that one will include all games



Sinster - ill play you for $20 if theres Marvel setup 3/5


Will there be any setups for casual play? And if there are is it cool if we play other games on the casual setups?



right now i hit a little snag with Monitors and systems if anyone can help PLEASE PM THIS IS VERY URGENT!


How many do you want/need? ( I personally don’t have a full setup to bring but I can see if I can get other people to bring theirs)



I’ll play for an Entire PIE!!


That will be gladly appreciated I have one full set up if anyone does have a full set up i will wave their venue fee just PM to confirm this im aiming for 2 more to make the total to 3 that will make the touney run decently and if anyone wnats to bring any other set up for marvel or anything like that feel free but the MAIN deal to focus on is to make sure i have the 3 tvs for super


damn this thread is on page 3? where the HYPE AT?!!! anyhow We are
one week away !
Ok so for equipment i have SirFishouse with 2 monitors THANKS AGAIN man You saved me =D just let me know by Tuesday if 360s are a issuse cause if it is i can easily make this event ps3 i do have sticks for it as well

on a side note well it looks like the Umk3 hd game did not make it on time so the side event WILL be MVC2 check OP but i am lacking a regualer none hd tv for this so if anyone is intrested to help out we can get this done =D


i can proboly help out with t.v and dreamcast … if i got my venue fee waived



Made a flyer for the event: