November 5th - Tapioca Express SSFIV Tourney in Elk Grove, CA


102510 UPDATE! Long-term pot idea shelved. Tournament entry raised to $10 - $9 to pot, $1 to venue to reflect monthly status.

Hello, my name is Romeo. I am this tournament’s organizer. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to ask.

Tapioca Express 9105 Bruceville Rd. #3A
Elk Grove, CA 95758
TapEx is known for its boba (bubble tea) drinks, popcorn chicken and calamari, and for it being the quintessential Asian hangout spot :rofl:. Free WiFi for those who are so inclined.

November 5th - Friday at 4:30PM. Signups begin at 4:30PM and tournament will start at 5:00 PM.

-All characters allowed
-Double elimination format - 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches.
-Grand finals will be at the discretion of the players in finals. If no agreement can be reached, a coin toss decision will be invoked (heads, 2/3 - tails, 3/5). We haven’t had issues with this before, but just in case.
-If a player loses a match in a set, they can change their character.
-$10 entry fee - 9 to the pot, 1 to the venue.
-70/20/10 payout
-PS3 setups (at least two are confirmed - if more setups are available, they will be put to use)

Please post if you intend on entering. I like to get a general headcount to get a better idea of what I’m handling.


Oh good it’s on Friday. I gotta go to the Journalism of Associated Community Colleges conferences on Saturday at San Jose State. I can squeeze some SFIV at their arcade during the sessions.


hype hype hype


Oh yeah, I can bring my Xbox on that day as well as The City date. I have a VGA cable but currently I can’t bring my computer CRT. I will try though.


With stick issues and timing differences between consoles, we’re going to keep it strictly PS3. In emergency situations, we HAVE used 360s before, but they were used as a last resort. The gesture is appreciated, but you don’t have to bring your 360 or TV. If anything else comes up, I’ll let everyone know in the thread.


O shit this is back?nice prolly gona hit this up then head to scr after lol.shit is. Poppin again.ken likes


Updated first post with new entry fee information and long term pot. Read it carefully and start planning :rofl:


Count me in!


Update once again. I’m shelving the long-term pot idea, as that seems like it’d be better suited for a biweekly tournament. However, I am raising the tournament entry fee to $10 to reflect the overall decreased frequency of tournaments in our area - $9 to pot, $1 to venue. My reasoning is that the decreased frequency justifies the higher entry fee. In actuality, winners will be earning more money, due to the fact that the venue fee will be considerably smaller by comparison (previously $5 to pot, $1 to venue). Keep in mind that I will be scouting out other venues to a run a biweekly, so if a $10 tournament is not your cup of tea, I’ll see what I can do about that. However, I will not run a biweekly if the demand isn’t there, which is where you come in.

Please let me know what you all think and I will take your feedback into consideration. With that being said, I’m 98% sure I’m going to make this tournament a $10 tournament. All the same, please let me know what you think regardless.

Please post.


I will play in your Street Fighters


I might be able to go to this one.


Hah, thanks Jack, Robert


Sure I can go.


is it ps3 set up only?


Yes, PS3 only.


Might actually be able to make it to this one if i remember. Good shit romeo. :woot:


ahh don’t like playing on ps3…i play pad and hate the ps3 controller…


Head count?


Hrmmm… I may not be able to go. I am feeling under the weather right now. I’ll still see though.


Don’t come if u sick lol get better don’t spread the virus