[November 9-23, 2013] KING OF GGPO 2013




There are three 32-man bracket qualifying tournaments (three chances to qualify):

ROUND 1 – November 9, 2013 @ 1PM PST.
ROUND 2 – November 16, 2011 @ 1PM PST.
ROUND 3 – November 23, 2011 @ 1PM PST.
FINALS – November 23, 2011 – Immediately following the conclusion of Round 3.

  • The winner of each tournament QUALIFIES for the FINALS on November 23, 2013.

  • The winner of each tournament may not enter the following qualifying tournaments.

  • To help keep pings as low as possible, we’re restricting it to players from North America only.

  • We are also instituting a ping limit. For players outside the US, we will be testing pings before the start of the tournament. If the ping is over 150, we will have an alternate take your place. (Sorry!)

  • All matches in the qualifying tournaments are 2 OUT OF 3 rounds and DOUBLE ELIMINATION


  • Akuma is banned. Zangief’s “magic grab” glitch is banned.

  • Anyone who is caube using macros or turbos, will be DISQUALIFIED and BANNED.

  • Any excessive unsportsmanlike behavior will result in a BAN. Keep it civilized, gentlemen!

  • Any players absent after fifteen minutes of the start time, will be DISQUALIFIED and the first alternate will take his/her place.

  • If two players cannot connect, they will have the option of playing on an alternative service (Supercade, etc.). If this is not an option, a coinflip will determine the winner.

**FINALS: **

  • THREE MAN, RACE TO TEN FORMAT between the three finalists.
  • The first two players will be chosen at random and they will play one game. WINNER STAYS. The third player plays the winner one game. Repeat. First player to TEN becomes the KING OF GGPO 2013 Champion!
  • Matches will be streamed by Sergjiev (Arkadeum) @ http://www.twitch.tv/arkadeum for the world to see, SO BRING YOUR “A” GAME!


Kyouya wins the KING OF GGPO 2013 qualifier #1

  1. Kyouya (Dictator)
  2. Orogasm (Ryu)
  3. Kushyu

Bracket: http://damdai.com/tonamento/tournaments/5867/kingofggpo2013-qual1
Video: http://www.twitch.tv/arkadeum/b/478235481

Qualifier #2 takes place next Saturday at 1PM PST / 4PM EST.

Register here: http://www.strevival.com/ggpo2013


With KING OF GGPO 2013 gong on now, Sergjiev and the STR crew encourage those who enjoy GGPO to “buy Ponder a beer”.


That’s probably 4 pm Eastern, right?

Is there a cut-off time for registration? I won’t be able to register until an hour before it starts.


Yes, 4PM EST, thanks for catching that. Registration cuts off at 12:30PM PST / 3:30PM EST. You can register now if you’d like.



Guess I’ll try and join next week…


The second qualifier for KING OF GGPO 2013 takes place this Saturday at 1PM PST / 4PM EST and will be streamed by Sergjiev @ http://www.twitch.tv/arkadeum. Eltrouble and Muffinman will provide commentary. The Finals will take place following the 3rd Qualifier on November 23rd.

1st Qualifier Winner: Kyouya
2nd Qualifier: November 16th
3rd Qualifier: November 23rd

Register: http://www.strevival.com/ggpo2013


The second out of the three qualifiers is today at 1PM PST / 4PM EST and the qualifier will be streamed by Sergjiev @ http://www.twitch.tv/arkadeum

To register, sign up here: http://www.strevival.com/ggpo2013


Sign me up for Friday…

EDIT: put me down for old cammy


For those that are asking, this is not character lock.


Tomorrow is the last qualifier for the KING OF GGPO 2013. The tournament will begin at 1PM PST and will be streamed via Arkadeum Studios at http://www.twitch.tv/arkadeum

Kyouya and yito2k have qualified in rounds 1 and 2. Will anyone step up from making it a clean sweep for Mexico?

Hadouken69 from NHC has signed up so look for him to challenge for the title tomorrow.

The GRAND FINALS will immediately follow Qualifier #3.

Register for the Last Qualifier here: http://www.strevival.com/ggpo2013


Congrats to yito2k for winning KING OF GGPO 2013!

Grand Finals score:

***** YITO: 10 KYOUYA: 7 ULTRACOMBO: 4 ******

Special thanks to Sergjiev for streaming all the tournaments, eltrouble for providing commentary. Muffinman and Miller Time for providing additional commentary during the previous qualifiers. And to everyone who participated.


Congratulations to Yito2k for winning, also to Ultracombo for playing, gg’s guys!

Remember that this is just a videogame, and King of GGPO an online tournament, Kuroppi doesn’t have the need to do it, but he does it and i’m thankful with him by supporting our game on an online client.

Thanks for your time and effort Kuroppi.


Thanks Kuroppi, it was fun. Kyouya, you made some insane combebacks with Dictator near the end.


Damn, missed it again, thought it was at 4:00 pacific or something…


Do you have a smartphone?

Set an alarm for it. Use Google Calendar with reminders. I also send email reminders to everyone who signs up.

You have no excuse. :slight_smile:


He had some pretty exciting matches, especially against Yito. He had both clutch and choke moments that made for insane mic-cutting-out levels of hype.