November General Election Roll Call 2016


Who would you vote for?


This gun be g-


Anybody but Trump. I might not like Hillary, but she’s the candidate that will screw me over the least compared to others.


I only know two people on that list.

It’s the end of days I tells ya, Britain leaves the EU, Trump becomes President, Brazil’s economy completely implodes in on itself, North Korea will start building moon bases on the moon.


Johnson or bust, fuck the pundits.

inb4 ClintonCare

Well, at least they’re building the moon bases on the moon, instead of on KJU’s ass crack.


Can I write in a vote?

Might as well build a time machine and bring back a time-displaced JFK.


All votes to the Donald


any person that choose HIllary deserves a blow job from her

You sick fucking pieces of shit



Anyone who actually chooses Trump shouldn’t be allowed to run around unsupervised, even in a free society.


Classic example of liberal hypocrisy- freedom for everyone, except those who disagree with me.



It is matter of having a brain, and actually using it.

Neither candidate is for the people.

One of them, however, has experience, knowledge, and demonstrable intelligence.

Trump is not that one.


Clinton is under criminal investigation and there’s a high chance that many of her secrets are being held by foreign powers. All because she wanted to avoid the scrutiny of the FOIA.

Trump is much worse rhetorically, but substantively he hasn’t done anything nearly as bad.


You mean politically.

And you would be correct.

Because he has done absolutely fuckall as far as politics go, because he has never held a government office; has never been a politician.

That’s not an argument.

That’s a technicality.


I’m writing in Sanders. Also, Brexit just passed… Trump and his inbred circle-jerking crazies are going to use this as a source of momentum to fuel their xenophobia. My God this is starting to look like 1984.


the necessary consequence of living in a free society. Allowing people to throw their vote away

I have to disagree.

Experience in feeding wall street and or vested interest in exchange for money, knowledge of how to advance personal own interests, and the intelligence to survive long enough politically.

sounds like you described trump

oh, the patriot act, the spying, the laws that criminilize thought behaviors, and the increasing rhetoric that demands that people conform to a liberal mindset that puts feelings before rights. That didn’t make it look like 1984? But a bunch of white dudes yelling USA, USA, USA is?

don’t be that guy


@ Hillary



Have you even read 1984? It’s a commentary against socialism/communism, which, if anything, a Bernie Sanders presidency would create a closer resemblance to.


I’ve been writing in Steven Armstrong on every ballot