November Newtype USA


The current issue of Newtype USA (november issue) has a 4 pages exclusive story of Cammy VS DeeJay!

Go check it out!


Art done by Udon staff? Yeah I’ll definately check it out. BTW, what’s the word on release dates for Ken foil and Issue 3?


yeah I saw this, but I thought it was a little weird.

minor spoiler

Dee Jay being under the control of Shadaloo is :confused: it reminds me of the movie. oh well it might be a better explanation of why he’s in the SF tournament than the official storyline.


Yea. I can think of several other characters so far that I’m quite sure will turn up under Shadaloo’s control.


So, I’m guessing at the time of that story Cammy was called Doll number 01, but after the Twelve Dolls appear she will be renamed Doll Number Zero?

WOW! Deejay will actually have a storyline! James Goddard should be very happy!


Could someone please summarize what happened in this mini-story?

My comic shop doesn’t carry the Newtype magazine. Btw what type of magazine is it - comic previews? pop culture? anime?

Thanks in advance.


Newtype is a really big anime magazine. You can probably find it in stores like Gamestop or Suncoast in your local mall.


is it even out yet? I went to my local book store but all i could find was the october issue and on their website thats the newest one they show.


But… but the second, third, and fourth “Dolls” of this comic have already been recruited! Don’t you see? Bison’s secretly starting his own harem of man slaves! Already, he has Dee Jay, Charlie, and Chun-Li’s father! And Ryu is next on the list!


Could be…


Eh, I think Ken is next. As in Vega beats Ken in issue 3, and then takes him back to Shadaloo to be brainwashed and lure out Ryu.

Hey, it happened in the anime… and in the god-awful Malibu comic if I remember correctly… :bluu:

And the dolls still have a chance of showing up. All of them. In some form or another… Juli & Juni WILL show up at one point, Nomebelu & Aprille MIGHT get two or three panels, the ohter dolls one panel or a backround cameo.

Kind of like how Kazuya Mishima shows up at the Dee Jay vs. Cammy fight. Didn’t think I caught that did you udoneko?


Ken is not next ryu is so there.

trust me there we be no evil ken I already check the preveiws for 4,and 5 .


Can I put in a vote for evil Feilong? He can say “WAAAAATAAAA!!!” Backwards - “!!!AAAATAAAAAW”


don’t worry Gen will help Feilong out by beat up radom Shadloo members.


wait so was this a preview(like will it appear somewhere else) or was it a exclusive for the magazine? are their other previews?


It was a four page exclusive for the magazine, just like the one they did for Gamepro.


can anyone put like a scan of this exclusive work?? and the gamepro one as well?
i really dont want to buy an anime magazine just for it! I hate anime :frowning:


Its ilegal to do that, which is more than likely why you havnt seen up already.

Besides if someone put it up Udoneko would probaly just have it deleted before you could see it (no offense Erik, I know that would just be you doing your job)

Just wait for the TPB to come out, cause Im sure it will come out and have issue #0, the gamepro exclusive, the november newstype exclusive, a cover gallery, etc. Id say expect it a few months after the first story arc wraps up.


I say, before Feilong gets captured to get brainwashed he should face all Twelve Dolls! Course Juni and Juli show up in the end to kick his Butt!