Novermber 8th Street Fighter IV Tournament

StreetFighter 4

Xbox 360

Meeting Time: 7:30 PM EST on

Entry Fee: $10

1st: 70%
3rd: Entry Fee

Double Elimination

Match Settings:
Best out of 3 games
Best out of 3 Rounds, 99 seconds

Grand Finals: 2/3 Rounds 3/5 games

No Character Bans


  1. You have to post your Gamertag IN THIS THREAD!

  2. Disconnects
    A. If a single player disconnects that player forfeits that game but still has a chance for the best of 3 example (player A dc’s from game 1 takes a loss but wins game 2 and 3 player A advances.)
    B. If both players disconnect first time it will be redone, second time it will be treated same as a timeout in game both players get a win and the next round is the final match.

  3. The player with the best connection hosts the match

  4. All players must be on the channel to report their wins or losses.

  5. Lets keep the trash talk to a minimum. While its not a big thing, we don’t need people talking down to lesser skilled players. Multiple warnings can result in disqualification.

  6. To prevent any shenanigans about wins and losses make sure you take a Replay for proof and contact one of the tournament moderators.

7.You only have 15 min to make it to your scheduled match. If you missed your match, you are disqualified.

  1. If you can’t connect to your opponent contact a tournament moderator on the stream and either the streamer will make you a room or one of the moderators.

How To Sign Up:

1: Go to and click on the street fighter iv option.

2: After paying go to and confirm that you have paid and type your gamertag.