Novice Honda seeking advice

Hello. Over the last week, I’ve been practicing and playing with honda and honestly, he’s a blast. I’m loving his HHS slap damage and pressure and his surprisingly good normals. I play with an xbox pad and get surprisingly decent execution of his BNB by inputting jab. HP~MP~LP~HP and I have recently been attempting more advanced stuff (jewelman combo, setups, etc;). I feel like i’m winning more than i’m losing, but not by a magnificent margin. What are some things I need to know as a novice Honda player? What are the matchups I need to watch out for and learn? I’ll try and provide replays if possible but replay upload on street fighter is a shit and I don’t have anything to capture replays with. (Not even a phone for Christ’s sake)

Well if you have your piano down, you should learn the importance of walking forward to close ground and put your opponent under pressure.
Jumping forward will only get you so far until people will start to anti air you and put you in a losing position.
Neutral jumping is definitely worth mentioning and is also great. It isn’t viable in all matchups, though since some characters can punish nj.hp from very far and fast on reaction.

If you have a significant life lead over a fireball character, don’t be afraid to build ultra meter by focusing their fireballs.
It will also give you an additional option (ultra 1) and might reduce the fireballs you need to deal with since your opponent is scared of throwing one out.
Win safely by time out if you can.

Been playing since Vanilla but never really took to press ___ rapidly characters. Finally took Honda for a spin to actually learn jab hands and it’s very liberating feeling that safe pressure applied, minor chip and meter gain. Still getting use to neutral jump fierce to control the space properly but I find his tools to be really lacking. His headbutt (jab) is used more as a defense and his butt stomp isn’t always the strongest tool either. Oicho throw is good but I’m always hesitant in cracking open someone from wakeup.

Is it generally understood that E. Honda is a defense character? Been watching Honda players for the last few days like Hoodaman and it feels as if you really have to pick your attacks wisely because your damage output isn’t the greatest or I suppose mixup power.