Novicefighter series: Best suited Team and grooves for CVS2

These are my Characters and grooves that suits me the most.
I’m open for (respectful) suggestions. Thank you kindly. :bgrin:



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C - Cammy/Ken/R2 Sagat (recommend this over the others)

C/N - Ken/Cammy/R2 Sagat

N - Kyo/Ken/R2 Sagat
N - Ken/Morrigan/R2 Sagat

Cammy doesn’t work as well in N, unless you are lvl 1 supering all day
King is reportedly the worst character in the game
Terry does alright in both C and N, but is still low tier
I recommend not using Morrigan unless you can Raging Demon everytime
Kyo’s lvl 2 cancels are not as good as some of the other characters on the list

:sad: What’s wrong with King? :sad:

I don’t know the specifics, but she is bottom of the bottom in cvs. Here is the wiki, it has a tier list and a bunch of other info:

everything but i still use her

horrible supers, weak anti-air game. I’m sure there are more reasons than this, but those are the ones that stick out to me.

edit: crappy normals too :slight_smile:

Actually cr.fierce is like a shittier saks c.fierce and far is pretty good
RC trap shot is good too. Her anti airs arent THAT bad. There are people with worse (geese only has a crossup antiair, no far anti air)

:annoy: Awwhh maaannn!!!

:sad: Noooo… I like king… my love… (not really but…)

high counter (not a very good option though)

I’d rather say double tap s.jab against the harder jump ins for Geese to AA shit like dmg but better then getting stuffed, UNLESS I know they will come in with an attack.

I generally dont like using it because of the risk/reward factor. I guess you could consider jump straight up rh (or even better) mp a decent far antiair.

Smalljump straight up medium punch works WONDERS against bison

hence why i said it was not a good option. everyone has some sort of anti air strategy weather it is RCing something, uppercuting, supering, or using jumpin/standing normals so i kinda was like “wtf?” when u said geese has “no” far anti airs.

jump back j.rh, or in corner :3 Those work if you can see it comming…still extremely crap.

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