Now about the online


I got interested in this game ever since evo so decided to look it up. as I looked around the forums I hear how bad the online is. Is that true? if so then how bad is it? is it unplayable? Is this game worth getting if there is no offline events in my area?


In my opinion, the online has problems, but it’s not totally unplayable. It’s still worth getting to me even with no offline scene, but there aren’t as many matches to have as other games right now.


If you want to get good, then play offline.
The online in this game sucks. Even on a full bar connection it’s not even worth it.
Don’t even bother highlighting the network mode on the main menu.
If you have no offline scene then make one, but if you don’t want to or whatever the reason may be then just stick to training mode.


It’s tolerable and you can learn matchups but the input delay is a real bitch and there’s not a lot of people online who actually know how to play KOF.


I barely ever find matches on XBL and when I do they are a laggy mess.
The game is fantastic though and is still worth getting.


It’s very bad. With no offline scene, you’re basically buying yourself a very expensive coaster.

Take it from the guy who bought the expensive coaster.