Now back to me, I'm on a riot Nov 2010 there is Anarchy in the U.K

Am I the only who was completely blindsided by this news on monday but London is burning. Sure I live in Canada, a virtual colony of the Brits so it would be good for the Canadian slaves to be informed. How is the coverage of this in the States cause the only think I’ve seen is of CNN playing the bathroom scene in dumb and dumber by “mistake” during the one piece of coverage done on CNN. Is there was ever an obvious conspiracy or a corporate created internet meme creation of hush hush all this shit.

Why wasn?t anyone covering the Student Loans riots happening Dec 10, 2012? ? Latest Fixes


Oh hells yeah bitches, horses, it’s on! ( Yes I knot, terrible thread titles courtesy of me. )


“Great” CNN coverage, check the “shocking accident” and if anybody should follow a Riot, it should be America, you all got C.O.P.S. and shit right? The USA is primed to have another huge riot soon.

By the same token, why isn’t anybody covering the student riots that Puerto Rico has been having since may?

lulz, brown people problems? I see some weapons of mass destructions over there yonder brown people.

Pretty sure the U.K. is about to go into civil war.

Between this, their money problems, and tax payers having to buy security for a Prince’s wedding ceremony it’s bound to happen. Just storm in, take the royal family hostage (They are pretty much just a tourist attraction now) and destroy everything with billy clubs since you hardly have any guns.

Or just quit your bitching and eat a sandwich, that works as well.

Canadian Tax Payers payed for the g20 security.

You really comparing a Celebrity wedding to the economic elite? Why do we have to pay for rick folks dividing up the country even more. Can’t these guys go to a caribean island that they own? It’s bullshit that we have to pay for something that has nothing do with with Canada.

WE PAYED MORE THAN A BILLION DOLLARS! Canada has a 10th of the States population. Ridiculous, we are just Brittish slaves.

I have a feeling this already questionable thread will turn into a country on country hate fest until closed.

So Canadians essentially paid to get the shit beat out of them? That might be the most fucked up thing I’ve heard all year.

10% of all taxes go to maintaining the lifestyle of the Royal Family if I remember correctly. Stop using the Gary Coleman gif, its losing power.

Actually I’ve only ranted against Canada. If anything I’m bashing my own government that’s all.

they can try and quadruple tuition fees if they want but then nobody will go to university.

the future generation wont be able to claw the UK out of debt if they are all uneducated fucks, it will just be more expensive for the UK government in the long run.

[media=youtube]eQdYxXyUJkQ[/media] man that’s crazy london bridge is, indeed, … i cant go through with it

Wow, nice find Magnetron.

That is the best raw footage I have seen regarding this, thanks for the link. It’s a bit scary to see this going down, I wonder if it’ll die off soon or just escalate.