[NOW BEING MADE TO ORDER] Golfball Ball Top Interest Thread


We found a local supplier of treads. Now we can make to order. Just pick a colour (colour guide at the bottom of this post), and we’ll work on it from there. PM for an order!

Me and Swizzbeats decided to team together in order to start a little project. We’ve always wanted that dimpled feeling in our balltops, so we decided to experiment with making balltops out of golfballs! It’s been a success so far. Our testers love it, I love it, and Swizz loves it!

We just want to see if there’s interest.

Base Price:
$10 + shipping (should be 2-3 bucks)

We can paint with many different textures, from smooth, to rough, and different finishes from matte to gloss.
We can also do mono-coloured stencils for an additional price (depending on complexity of stencil).

Without further ado, here are our prototypes.

----Some paints will not coat over the text. We’ll let you know if the colour you want is using this kind of paint (we only have 2 cans that do this).

Gold and Silver Chrome = My favourite

Treads implanted. Next time we’ll put the tread in AFTER we paint to avoid a “rough” paint job near the bottom. Still looks fine though.

The exact dimensions are 42mm compared to a 35mm standard Sanwa balltop. There is little to no transitional curve when putting the ball top on. There is no added weight, meaning no extra springs are needed! I’ve given a few prototypes to local players and they don’t have an issue with the size at all.

We are only limited to the colours we have atm. We will get loads more colours if this thing blooms. So please take some time and vote which colour you would like to see on your golfball top!

Metallic Crimson
Metallic Cobalt
Matallic Gold
Chrome (doesn’t come out right. We’ll see what we can do)
Textured Forest Green
Smoke Grey
Flat Gold

There are also nice transclucent (only on top layer) golf balls that we can buy if requested… It looks good enough to put on yourstick without paint. If you have any golfball that you want plain, you can let us know as well.

We will also be seeing Justin Wong, Arturo Sanchez and Team Sp00ky at T11, so we might be able to get them to sign some golfballs. We will clear coat them after to make these treasured signatures permanent


+1 interest. Here’s hoping to seeing an example of one done with a stencil/silhouette image.


I remember sswizzbbeatss making Thread.
Saying he bought Meshball, but disappoint at no “mesh” texture.

That was funny.

Then he had idea of doing golf ball.
Well here is three months later, this!


Will totally buy as many as I can if you guys do this.


As a golf fan, I’d strongly consider buying one.


I’m interested. Next stick upgrade will get one.
Do you ship worldwide ?


Ahh great people with great memory.
uh hopefully lizardlicks adds first class shipping soon.
priority mail is too much.
any spefic colors u guys are intrested in?




Put on one of these and some Robert Landolt (the shotmaker!) art work and this would make a great Neo Turf Masters stick.


I’m in for one metallic gold!


How does the weight compare to a plastic balltop? Would a stiffer spring be necessary?

This is a pretty slick idea, gives me some cool ideas for some arcade sticks.
TW theme with a Nike 1 ball? LOL.


Nope. No spring needed.


lolz get more pics up


wow i want one, i can’t stand the tiny ball that comes on the stock SE stick, its so small…i might have to just get one of these


Oh gosh, you’ve sparked something inside of me… now I want to make a Pangya themed stick with golf ball top ;_;

But yes. Consider me interested and definitely a potential buyer~


yuuuuuup, those would be nice.


i dont know if i would buy a golf ball top but how about a pool 8 ball top? not for the feel or anything but just for looks :smiley:


pool balls are to big and heavy for sticks really, you would probably be better off looking for a ball top made to look like and 8ball or get one of these in a 8ball theme? something like that


5ive could do that.


You should really looking into buying a mini pool table set. I would so be on a golf ball if somebody had a shrink ray gun.