"Now, face the mighty Bison!" - Video Critique Thread

Hey guys, I saw this over on the Boxer forums, so I thought I’d try it out for Bison as well. Basically, post up videos of yourself playing with Bison and we’ll try to give you as much feedback as we can. I know there’s already a video thread, but I think it’s a good idea to have a thread that has it’s focus on directly helping an individual. This way, it’s easier to get help with your game, as opposed to having your link buried in the video thread.

I don’t have anything to start us off, but I will definitely upload a few videos later tonight.

Oh, and here’s a link to the Boxer thread just fyi: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=185698

Sounds like a good idea… now I need a capture card.

I will start recording I guess. But only videos that dont have execution to blame. win or lose.

hey P, how can you capture game footage? You should record some mirror matches between us tonight! I’ve been playing on PSN a bit lately since my friend has SF4 for it, but I’ll probably be back on XBL tonight.

good ol’ camera on the floor. any video i capture will probably be loaded with f-bombs.

doesn’t sound like a bad idea, i’m considering a similar option.

txt me if you’re going online and don’t see me.

Here’s some videos of me getting used to my new stick (and sucking ass):


I’d appreciate any help.

Here’s a link to AyoChap’s vids I found in the Video thread. I’ll take a look at these later and see if I can find anything.

I don’t have much to say because I’m not great or anything but for the Balrog fight you could have used more throws and tick setups. I find that throwing makes turtle rogs a little easier to deal with when I can throw them. Sometimes it can be difficult if they like mashing jab =/

That Abel liked to roll a lot, you can actually just throw him during his roll making him think twice about it. And you should probably get used to teleporting or jumping after able blocked jump ins or block strings to avoid getting command thrown. Not sure if backdash would also be an option since I honestly don’t use it as much as I should.

For chun…cant help you much. I lose to even the worst chun players so I need to work on that.

I’m not a great Bison but here are some things I saw.

  • Punish better. It’s probably because your getting used to your stick.
  • You jump in a lot when you can get punished.
  • Know the distances of your HK, sometimes you whiff when you can throw a MK instead.
  • Don’t get predictable with your escape options, lots of EX PCs.


hey guys this a video of my bison. i’m not that great, but i want you guys to tell me everything tahts wrong i have a tourny coming up and i just want so good input so i can practice. thanks a bunch


i only seen the able fight but i like how you played him but me i would have tried a little more cross up but you have a good bison

Balrog: Not enough stuff on wakeup, otherwise good game. Note what Rog can do on wakeup. He can jab, he can rush, he can headbutt. You have some sort of answer for all of these things so guess and act accordingly. jabbing him and then throwing right after on wakeup is a nice option. This rog mixed up his wakeups though but seemed to like headbutt most. Bait with a jab or a short or two and punish. Try to incorporate more tic throwing.

Abel: too much jumping in. Yes it’s nice fighting a brawling char that doesnt throw fireballs or have an srk, but he just rolled right away from your jump in attempts and got punished. Next round you kept jumping but dealt with the punish attempts better. Nice job crossing up Abel, I never manage to do so. He has a really solid answer to crossups whereas just straight ahead ambiguous jump ins are probabaly more difficult for him. On wakeup, if you’re obviously crossing him up, he’ll just roll away.

Chun: Wow I enjoyed watching this. First round was good because you were feeling each other out and it was a really cloe game. Second round, good stuff you adapted better than her. For some reason she was doing fine taking you air to air but she began to stay more and more grounded after the first match giving you tons more jump in opportunities. 3rd match you simply destroyed her with strong corner pressure.


hey what are some good options for me to record my matches? Aside from capture cards and whatnot (which I don’t want to deal with right now) would buying a cheap video camera and just setting that up on a tripod the best bet?

you have a really really solid bison. I’m going to hit you up on XBL for some mirrors.

excellent use of dash (tech at 2:10 was beautiful)
Abel doesn’t have the best reversal wakeup game and you took advantage of the the mixup opportunity really well.
great defense, great runaway and great job taking hardcore pressure (1:20 is a great example).
unpredictable stuff. jump in fierce blocked, crossup, or jump in fierce blocked, neutral jump hk, etc.
wakeup mixup
something i’ve never seen: using s.lk to bulldog that s. rh in there. really terrific against a char like abel.

hmm this is tough.
you messed up and did those psychocrushers. i think one time it actually ended up to your advantage but that was luck, use safe lk scissors instead.
last round you got way too aggressive. dashing in there in close range like that after he teched your throw attempts before hand. you should have backed off a bit there and it almost cost you the round. IMO it was a bit of a lucky win there at the end unless you were trying to bait the wheel kick knowing it would whiff.

after your dashing failed and you got thrown yourself or constantly teched, you backed off, Abel with a life lead and you even’d it out with one s. rh. if you had backed off earlier you could have gotten in some pokes earlier and not have had it be as tight as it ended up. overall, pretty brilliant games.

i seen another one of your fights with the able i really did not see any flaws in your game your bison is fast he has great timeing he just happend to catch you on some exchanges but here is one thing i like to do when fighting able when he jump kicks at you do a quick forward dash youll get his back and standing hk

I got like two shitty replays on GFWL against some noobs. But I looked good!

Thanks for the feedback guys, there are a bunch of things I know I need work on (besides getting used to a stick).

Anyways, Laudanum, I just used an old Canon SD630 to record my matches. It’s a pretty damn old camera, but it gets the job done. I just set it up in a position where it can capture my screen well, since I don’t have a tripod. I had to ghetto rig my camera on top of a shoebox and a textbook to get a good angle. :rofl:

As for capture cards, I’m not too sure. I don’t think they capture sound, but I could be wrong. Personally, I just used what was available to me because I didn’t wanna go out and buy a bunch of crap. I’m sure capture cards would provide better quality picture, as would a better camera.

Thanks alot guys. I’m sorry to say that my XBL is down for a bit, but i’ll get it back soon. I appreciate the feedback you guys are giving. I think my distancing game is really bad. Gootecks and Sanchez were telling me that if i had perfect distancing than i would be able to control the match in my favor. I have a lot more videos to come i promise you guys. I’m no pro, but i really wanna make the bison players proud to use him. I’ll try and get footage of the up coming tourny im joining. Laudanum, I’m gonna take your advice and slow down my game, just enough so i can react to things better. Untill then you guy’s i’m gonna continue to grow and hopefully win a tourny?


It wouldn’t be fair of me to ask for you critiques without giving you mine. haha.

Balrog: I gotta say after watching the first video, you’re very risky. Good? iono, bad? i still have no clue. The cons is that he could have easily c.hp you second, you could eat some meaty head butts, thus leading to ultras. I noticed that you jump alot so thats what im referring to. You need a solid ground game in my opinion. practice that c.lk xx SK, beleive it or not it’s VERY useful. Just knowing how to do it and using it in battle gives you that much of an edge especially against balrog and his punches. Once you get that down you should promise to yourself not to jump in and keep your ground game strong by doing the SK loop, it easily pushes him in to the corner. Corner = Rape.

Abel: Ok this match-up i have alot of experience in and i still mess up. This time around jumping alot CAN be a good thing. The only think i have to say is know your distancing on your hk, replace it with mk from time to time. A big secret that no one really uses is neutral jump mk/hk, he has no answer for it. He will either A)roll to the otherside, which you’ll just whiff and grab automatically, or B) not roll and still grab as soon as you land. Zone him out and be patient and you’ll be fine.

Chun: You did pretty well in my opinion, just call the jump ins to make sure you’re safe since she has no real AA’s. Keep her in the corner and rape her with you hk’s

Overall Opinion:

3.When they’re in the corner, just back off a bit to max c.mk range and stay there and watch, call your moves after some insight of what you think they’re gonna do. AND don’t cross them up when they’re in the corner (you got them right where you want them).
4.Stop saying you suck, cuz you don’t you just need more patients is all and #1.

Plz keep more videos of your gameplay coming, theres nothing better than watching someone progress.


Some things i noticed:

-very little use of lkx3. I used to doubt the effectiveness of this until i got the timing (sorta) down. Its very nice
-throw more
-jump less (except against Abel where you should live in the air). Use bison’s speed and dash to close the distance more often. Dash to throw or dash to lkx3 is very nice
-FA a bit more. FA ->S.Fierce->Strong Scissors is one of his most heavy and reliable punishes

Hey guys. I just got back from my first tourny. I got 9th place(peaced out by SHGL), i’ll be post some vids up i don’t really have alot.