Now for something fun (part deux) - complete list of victory quotes in ENGLISH!


Thanks to someone in NeoGAF for posting this. Quite hilarious!


Some of them are really funny. I’m enjoying it.


I just had to put one of Alex’s in my sig.


lol Batsu’s lack of english…

and Lighten’s quote to VJ is epic…


i like how yatter-1 asks roll to come over to his place.
and how polymar says that roll must be controlled by some great evil.


This is my two favorites:

Zero vs Yatterman-1:
That’s right, you’ve lost.
Where’s that goofy smile now?

Roll vs Viewtiful Joe:
I’ve never seen a Quick Man cosplay before!


Morrigan is such a slut lol


Batsu vs. Ippatsuman

“Shouldn’t a grown man like you be embarrassed to wear that?”



Tekkaman vs Zero:
“Your offensive abilities are good,
but you have no defense.”

lol real talk


Frank West vs Jun the Swan:
“Jun, give me the camera back!
I told you I deleted the
pictures of your underwear!”