Now for something fun - special pre-fight dialog and winning quotes

Which characters have special pre-fight dialog and special winning quotes?

So far, I have seen…


Ken vs. Jun - I think they’re commenting about their training?
Doronjo vs. Chun-Li - This one is more about which one’s beautiful, I think.
Jun vs. Chun-Li - This one I don’t get.
Roll vs. Mega Man - Roll comments that Volnutt looks like her brother.
Doronjo vs. Yatterman 1 - typical episode meeting: Yatterman 1 says his punchline while Doronjo gasps
Karas vs. Soki - Karas says that Soki is an Oni

What did I miss?

Oh, and Special Victory quotes:

Viewtiful Joe winning vs. Roll - he comments on her being cute for a little girl, I think
Yatterman 1 winning vs. Doronjo - typical episode ending
Doronjo winning vs. Yatterman 1 - a shocked, surprised version

Maybe I missed some?

Viewtiful Joe is now a lolicon?

Cool list, would’ve thought the pairings shown in the op would have had some as well. (Would test when I get the game but probably wouldn’t be able to tell unless there are subtitles)

Here are the one’s I know that aren’t already listed:

Polymar vs. Ryu
Ken vs. Batsu
Ryu vs. Chun-li

Special Victory quotes
Ippatsuman winning over Yatterman-1
Ippatsuman winning over Doronjo

I heard Ippatsuman vs. Doronjo has some unique pre-fight too.

If Yatterman wins with Morrigan on his team he calls his team the “YattaMorrigan Combo”

That’s not character specific, in his win quotes he always refers to his partners as Yatter_____, including YatterDoronjo btw >_>

And in the Capcom stream it seems Tekkaman Blade has a special victory quote involving Saki - saying that she reminds him of someone.

I’m pretty sure there’s a Zero/ Roll quote. I think Zero tries to analyze Roll and see what kind of a maverick she is… or something.

XD Maverick Roll. That’s something strange.