Now I'm stickless

I loaned my friend my stick for like a week,(360, EX2, I’m a cheap ass) I go over to his house to pick it up, and I look at it. The tear away USB dongle is missing, they fucking lost it -_-

Any place that I can buy these?

Is this what you wanted?

Won’t work thats^ original xbox. Your best bet is to buy a used wired Xbox 360 controller and share the break away, or if you friend has a wired demand that part from them.

Lesson learned. Don’t loan important shit to friends especially if they don’t make it right. You gotta put your homie on notice that if they don’t get you a replacement on that you can never loan them anything ever again. I got friends that I can say, “sure you can borrow it, because I know that if something happens to it you’ll make it right” and friends I say, “fuck no you can’t borrow that.”

I’ve got an even better idea. Buy one from here:

I got one from these guys when I lost one of my breakaway connectors. Surprisingly, it’s got pretty good build quality, though the USB plug itself isn’t as long as the official Microsoft ones or even the ones on the Hori Fighting Stick EX2s. No worries though; these replacements work absolutely dandy.

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

I’m definetly relieved right now xD

But, I might just be saving for an SE considering my top middle button is fucked up on the EX2. And SE’s will be easier to mod down the road.

Anyways. Thanks everyone.

I’m torn on the breakaway cables. On one hand, it’s great for when my friends and I play at the local game shop and have a bunch of Magic and D&D players walk past and trip over the wires, prevents sticks and/or systems from flying all over, but on the other hand, it’s annoying as hell when you somehow lose or misplace one.

I was thinking about that when I was wlaking home last night, stick in hand, not being able to use it when I get home -_-

At least i hope your friend pays for it

Was it a soul cal stick? I saw an ebay listing for one of those with a dead button, almost put a bid in when I saw the case was beat up. Still, for the $25 asking price, I could have sanded it down and painted it. Kicking myself now that I didn’t get it.

…mine is a soul cal stick and I had thought it had a dead button, it did when I left it at my friends place, now it works fine though.
Is it the top middle button?

Just a heads up guys, the tear-aways from Rock Band instruments work just fine.