Now it gets confusing. (SF4 stick issue)

Initially, I was going to get the SF4 MC fightstick (the $80 one) for my 360. Now, I read on here that this is available:

Granted it is a decent chunk more, but I need some information if it is actually better than the $80 madcatz. Anyone know if it is worth it?

Oh god…

AND you have panda in your name… now it’s even worse for me.

thread title is misleading…its not an issue with a fightstick its a “help me decide what i should buy” thread

Wow, you know, I never knew about that thread. Ever…

Regardless, outside of the “I’m better than you because I sit on this forum all day” folks coming into thread and filling it with their smugness, does anyone have anything relative to add to the initial question asked??

Everyone is going to think that you have one of the new sticks and that it’s either broken or faulty. I would recommend either asking in that other thread you were linked to or editing your post and then clicking Advanced to change the title. Something like “Mad Catz SE vs Hori Real Arcade?” Just ignore the hate.