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so quitting the game and then restarting it = DC

i’ve been patiently waiting for the match to begin but its been stuck on now loading… is just taking forever…



Cool story brah


this has been happening to myself as well… i notice it occurs when both players have blue bar connections… def hope they fix the netcode…


that was the match I was about to have with you…


Blue Bars Glitch. I really hope they fix this ASAP.


This happened to me 3 times already


I HATE that…it’s like the internet can’t handle the sheer awesomeness of 2 blue connections. I’m having some awesome rounds this very moment against yellow bars though. Only a slight drop in speed, no lag input. I feel sorry for people who seem to live in densely populated areas because you would think they could get decent speed due to proximity…unless they’re exaggerating, and that DOES happen. People saying Tekken 5dr was “unplayable 90% of the time”, when you can get a good game any time you log on as long as you avoid bad connections. If you can do your extended juggle combos with the same timing online as offline, that is FAR from unplayable.


This happened to me 7 times already…
This is so annoying, it soils our good profile card.


Ugh seriously, I know. It sucks. Two blue connections should = a great connection! Why does KOF12 freak out and get performance anxiety?