Now please don't ban me for asking this, but what did Super1NYC do here?

Don’t worry, i can’t stand the motherfucker, he dissed my friends one day and i deleted him off my friends list. :stuck_out_tongue: but…

I just want to know from YOU guys as to what he did.

He said he beat EA Megaman and some crap and made him rage quit, he said he posted videos of it, and then he got banned and stuff.

Id like to know from your side :slight_smile:

From a hardcore Super Turbo fan. Allan.

Xbox Live drama goes here:

oh my bad, can you get this thread moved over there please?

I was wondering this too. He’s on my friends list, and we get some pretty good HDR games in from time to time. He’s not a bad guy :expressionless:

that pussy fuckhead quit on me when i perfected his honda 3x in ranked… claimed he doesnt player cheaters… so i played him in a first to 10 which i won 12-0 and then gave him a win before i quit…

damn… what a faggot!

This dude is an asshole fall not unto temptation dude, just hopes he stops breathing and goes back to hell. NoChance aka Dekor I mean. lol.

sup pussy… YOURE NOT GOOD.

According to the picture, you were 11-1, not 12-0. :coffee:

Apparently Dekor is 26 years old. Its a shame he never reached his puberty.

Hmm, that’s a good point LOL

Hey Dekor, Just ignore all these haters there little guy… you’re the man.

Also really great games to yourself, raise da dead, m4st4r F, keep out and fat below.
True Professionals .:bgrin:

My mind has just fucking blown. He may be 26, but he acts like he’s 12. Aren’t people who are 26 supposed to have jobs and go out in the real world? Instead, his ego makes him think he’s the [media=youtube]-Qae_TUTeGo"[/media] It’s because nothing’s gonna ever keep him down.

Agreed. lol

haven’t come across Super1NYC in months. he was an asshole to me at first, but he lightened up :confused:

lol, that pic makes me laugh everytime i see it

edit: shit i am drunk, please frgive me everyone

Lol 1-11 xd

Looks like I was right about RenoMD being the best M Bison/Dictator player. He went on to become a world champion! :grinning: