Now recruiting - 5treet pwn4ge f1ghter5 clan


5TREET PWN4GE F1GHTER5 CLAN - Beasting other Street Fighters since 2008

The Street PWNAGE Fighters are back in the game and back with a bang. The best and most awesome Street Fighter clan is now recruiting quality members to add to our ranks. The SPF2 is a clan of dedicated players dedicated to becoming so good that they do a lot of pwnage. Together, we will be the Street Pwnage Fighters, pwning everyone that comes across our path.

MISSION STATEMENT: To compose a team of SFIII: Third Strike players vicious enough to qualify for SBO. To win SBO with this team.


FOUNDING MEMBERS: Roshihikari, Fujiwara

MOTTO: To Beast and To Protect

TRAINING EXERCISES MAY INCLUDE: Regular casuals gatherings, Monthly “excursions”, SFIII: Third Strike study and investigation sessions


Interested parties may apply here, or approach me directly via Private Message.

Ideally, we would like to have one specialist for each character in our clan. At present, Roshihikari is considering either Twelve or Ibuki to be his main.

The 5TREET PWN4GE F1GHTER5 started back in early 2008 when Yamazaki suggested to Roshihikari that he should start a clan in a similar fashion to BM Jiro. Roshihikari went ahead with the idea and had startling success. Now, the SPF2 is back and pwning.

Who are the technical characters?

Girls Generation…

BOYZ TOWN > Team White Cat.

Why do you need a 3rd?!
Who would you like to be on your team for matchups?


the name of the team sounds like a kid made it on xbl back in 2007. regardless tho, best of luck to you brahs.


I got 3, playahs.

We just roll Kuroda Style Jab OG color to train up and beast like our namesake or color choice sake, but our 3rd man insisted he rolls neon green. can’t argue with mr nightmare naps. Unblockable cr HK, you don’t want to mess with.

Shit he was trying to kill us, and we’re his teammates.

“I found 1… light!”

He heard, “ROUND 1, (Go for it) FIGHT”