Now that everyone knows what is on the EVO 3rd Strike DVD

I was hoping to see some semi final matches also. Such as Justin vs Raoh and other shit too. Is it alright to give the OK now to have people release that footage?

I was watching the dvd without crowd noise and it wasn’t nearly as exciting as being there in person so I did my own little experiment and included crowd noise.

As you can see this makes things way more exciting. I know how difficult it is to include crowd noise. And though it requires so much more work to do, the results are very satisfactory. So my question is what is holding back the option of crowd noise? Was there no mic availible? Not enough time to work on this feature? etc. And yes I will take down the video if you want.


Did u look under the audio options???

Everything was set up perfectly for crowd noise…then the MLG insisted that we move our speakers because they were too loud for the Halo people. When we did that, we started getting massive feedback from the mic and speakers being too close together.


MLG :3p:

sigh MLG. While they didn’t ruin Evo, per say, they certainly made it not as enjoyable as it should’ve been. :sad:

Man that video is 10x more exciting:( Without crowd noise you miss the “tournament” feel. Oh well, maybe next year.

Damn MLG…

I watch the match when i finish the download and it was an OK match but with the crowd noise if was a fucking awesome match:rock: . Hopefully people see the difference between crowd noise of just plain match.

Learn from SBO staff… They capture the environment pretty damn well!

ah, so it’s MLG people’s fault…

cocks his shotgun

Check it, as inkblot said, we had the setup ready and we even tested some footage. If you were there, we had the mock match of Wizard vs James Chen and everyone was ohh’ing and ahh’ing. In order to get crowd noise, the speakers need to face directly towards the back of the hall. The crowd noise mic will also be facing directly towards the back of the room (and at the audience). Enter MLG’s oh-we-need-silence-for-our-halo-players-so-they-can-play whining; so we had to turn the speakers towards the audience. So the directional placement of the speakers made a horizontal plane of sound with the mic pointed directly at that plane! The result? Massive feedback and the high pitch noise that could make anyone deaf and blow the speaker coils.

This year, we’ll get it right.

We had it right. If you dont believe me, check out the file below.

Thats what happens when you let MLG interfere.

James Chen is Gief and I am Rugal.

Also note that both of us had improper button configurations. All my Jumping Down + Fierces came out as Jumping Roundhouse. :rofl:

  • James

Yeah, I think the crowd noise makes it 100 times better.

By the way, for some reason I found those crowd noise [by wizard] sounded fake lol. Like the ones you hear in Friends or something.


It was a mock-up match. They told us to watch it like it was “the best match you’ve ever seen in your life” in order for them to test the audio. Worked out well, it seems. Too bad MGL’s whiney baby Halo players cried about it.

WHOA! I just dl the file… crowd noise adds a whole new dimension to it! Now… have Rockefeller do Commentary for 3s! That would kick ass so bad!!! :wgrin:

::sigh:: Thats what happens when you let MLG interfere.

Mother fucking MLG.

You guys don’t know the half of it. They stole HALF the floor on Day 2. Forget about casuals or BEING ABLE TO BREATHE the second day, it sucked.

We booed the shit out of Halo 2 finals fuck them.

Please release as many matches with sound as you can.

Rockefeller would make it all that much more amusing. Would really play up the tournament atmosphere.

you can hear the crowd noise during the big stuff i tihnk the sound is slightly off but you can’t hear the game sounds so i don’t know anywho don’t pay attention to the random shit me and drage say

Co-sign on that, bro.