Now that HDR is dead, ST is the only viable option for SF2... nm sf2 finished


I told you all HDR was dieing with tournament cancellation proof and now that it is officially dead in 2011 competitively based on so many tournaments cancelling the game the only option is ST.

Everyone migrate on over to the ST forum and work together on bringing SF2 back. The best player in the USA damdai I believe even said HDR was babyzone. You guys act all high and mighty saying HDR > SSF4 but since it is babyzone and I believe is verified by the best sf2 player in the USA then SSF4 > HDR.

Too bad ST is old and has outdated graphics.

You know what? ST won’t save SF2. SF2 as we know it is gone and I for one am glad.

I beat everyone there is to beat in SF2 that came across me. I demolished everyone and did I get credit? No, I got told Balrog was overpowered. No Balrog has a very weak wake up game and is very much balanced.

To all of you who posted about me in the bad games thread in the past for destroying you countless times where you thought that was your way of getting revenge on me which then made me hate the SF2 community so much, I just wanted to say I am glad to see your game gone from Evo. The OGs and good players I have no problems with but most of the rest of you guys ruined SF2 with constant bickering and arguing like I knew you would even after I left the site for a long time.

I am so happy to see SF2 over competitively in the US. All those times most of you talked trash about me, guess who has the last laugh? Me, your game is gone I destroyed people at their own game and you are left with HDR online where only babyzone is proven and tournaments are over.

Enjoy your side tournament in the hallway with 5 people bickering about game speeds.


How does this help the fighting game community? If you don’t get along with people here then you don’t have to post … but making posts like this where you disrespect the people you claim disrespected you makes you just as bad as the very people you hate. A significant piece of fighting game history has been removed from the main event at EVO and rather than doing something worthwhile about it, you post this. You claim you have no problems with the OG’s or the good players. I’m pretty sure they would have a problem with the way you’re acting about ST’s removal from EVO. I get that you’re upset with people here, but putting down ST like you did not only makes you look stupid, it also makes the very people you hate actually look like they have some clue as to what they’re talking about. If you don’t want to interact with people here, then don’t, but don’t act like you’re better than them when you don’t care about making the fighting game community a better place.


Any bickering was hdr players only, good to see you have a clear view of the situation


Well that’s a damn shame. HDR isn’t at Evo so it’s officially dead. Guess I should go and play a non-dead game by Evo’s standards like SFIV. I guess fun and competitive games don’t matter anymore. It’s all about what’s new and has good graphics now!

Protip: Evo doesn’t determine which games are dead or not, the community does. And if the community still wants to play HDR, then fuck Evo.


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